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World leaders react to US decision to exit Iran deal

France, Germany and the U.K. had urged President Trump not to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal, while Israel had opposed the deal from the start; Rich Edson reports from the State Department.

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  1. Allies, why don't you put out money to help Iran build nuclear weapons? Not a single dime from us anymore, understand?

  2. How in the hell does Shep Smith know what Iran will do in the future. Just a talking head for the Corporate War Machine, spewing scripted bullshit fear mongering propaganda. Netanyahu wants war and his power point presentation was old news before Iran shut down their Nuclear program like 15 years ago. None of his predictions have came true on any of his little show and tell press conferences, it's all lies. Iran and Syria are a threat to no one, unless of course you are a weapons manufacturer, a Rothschild, a Wahhabi, a Zionist or a Big Oil Company.

  3. Israel vehemently oppose Iran's having the capability to nuclear capability whereas Israel also has its own nuclear capability and nuclear weapons.

  4. What is the plan from stoping them from enriching uranium, ummm what was obamas plan, to just let them as long as we can watch, what kind of stupid plan was that. Dont give iran any wiggle room, thats the plan.

  5. Israel is surrounded by countries that want them destroyed. I wouldn't blame them if they bombed Iran's ability to develop uranium for bombs. Like they did in Iraqi. That would take care of the problem! They'll never be peace in that area of the world. They have been fighting with one another for over 3000 years they're having going to stop!!!

  6. The United staates of ISreal !!!!the US Are the bitch from ISreal …and Fox news you Are the Propaganda Chanel number one!!!

  7. The EU will continue the deal with iran.
    The U.S will never settle for less than war and destruction.
    3 countries that are causing destruction in this world are supporting this deal break (the u.s , israel, saudi arabia)

  8. You have Isreal president going straight in to your congress and people said US is not controled by Zionest LOL.

  9. Irving Kristol is the godfather of Neo-Conservatism, a Zionist Jew born in Ukraine.
    Americans should know that Irving is a Trotskyist / Communist.
    There is nothing patriotic about praising these filthy traitors.
    If you choose Israels side, you are also choosing for the annihilation of Western society.

  10. There is no difference between American Arab and Israel. Zionist are the resistor in every peace path in the whole planet.

  11. Worst deal ever is systematically paying billions of TAX dollars to Israel, while we don't have even proper healthcare.

  12. This is insane from Iran standpoint. This is what they think in their minds. "Hmm should we get nuclear bombs to wipe other nations we despise or should we start an economic relationship with other countries and live in peace?" Yea let's bring the nuclear bombs. What an insane way of thinking. They rather follow a religion of war instead.

  13. Does anyone really think China and Russia have our best interests or world peace at heart? If Iran goes nuts with nuke tech, Israel will deal with them effectively.

  14. No more side deal with Europe. China lost how many people from Nuclear meltdown. Seems of all countries are (energy hungry) for stable and long-lasting, energy power? There would be less a gamble to drill deep and harness earth energy and solar Primary. Of course, you wouldn't want to over, destabilize your surface protection at the same time.

  15. Trump besides being an idiot in chief was brainwashed growing up in New York by zionist jews who suck the blood of my country America (i know i live in New York) . you blood sucker worthless, israeli ass kisser corrupt U.S. politicians obey the murderer ugly face, ugly heart the terrorist in cheif Natanyahoo. America will be free only when it's free from israeli/zionists control of its politics, congress, banking, hollywood,…(even medical schools) in America. Shame on power hungry zionitst asskisser politicians and shitface anchors like Hanity and the many other opurtunists/brainwashed who are on the payroll of these zionist AIPAC lowlives.

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