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Why USA Women’s Hockey Is Boycotting The Championship | NBC Nightly News

The USA Women’s Hockey team is boycotting this year’s championship, arguing that they don’t get the same support as the men’s team.
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Why USA Women’s Hockey Is Boycotting The Championship | NBC Nightly News

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  1. The free market is the decider. If women's hockey dose not bring in the same money they can't get the same or there bankruptcy.

  2. they have no fans and the hockey is boring. .. to boycott and opportunity to play for your country is gutless…shame

  3. Dumbasses the reason they're not getting payed as much is because they don't bring in as much revenue so therefore they can't be payed as much as the men who bring in way more, thought it would've been basic logic

  4. What is problem sharing hotel room? Its sound like your women hockey team is travelling like Finland or Sweden but your guys hockey team is acting like rich capitalists. You really can not live same room with other teammates?I thought you guys have that small talk culture and you like other people company.

  5. what about other olympic sports that get no money skeet, ping pong, ect…..Men subsidising women again. It should be an honor to represent your country, olympics should be amatuer and think about other countries that are not as wealthy they play for the sport and love. Womans sport is niche.

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