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Why China is a bigger problem for U.S. than Russia

According to most of the press, America has only one real enemy: Russia. But the truth may be more complicated. The biggest threat to America isn’t Vladimir Putin, but Xi Jinping’s regime in China. #Tucker

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  1. Russia is using China since 19th century, and China equals communism since 1949, even they claimed turn capitalism since 1987. US abandoned his ally R.O.C. in 1979, thing was screwed.

  2. Chinese are generally peaceful and friendly. But the CCP is not. Its value system is viral and distorted. The world should work together to eliminate it.

  3. China will crash and burn in the next 20 years. They have a major demographic problem because of their one child policy, picture our baby boomer problem, but 10 times worse. they changed this policy to a two child policy, but it has not even changed much because the culture is still to have one child. Not only that but they have an uneven distribution of males and females, not nearly enough girls, so that will only make the problem worse. Soon they will have a massive generation reaching retirement age all at once with a much smaller workforce struggling to pay for it, then they will have a dramatic drop in population size.
    Their economy is catching up to the U.S. economy in size, but their population is between 3 and 4 times the U.S. population with nearly a billion people still living in poverty. They have a growing middle class due to manufacturing, but not nearly as strong as the U.S. middle class and they are already starting to lose manufacturing jobs, as it becomes more expensive to manufacture there companies either move to poorer countries or with increasing automation companies can move back to the U.S. or Europe and manufacture closer to their desired consumers with lower costs.
    China's one belt, one road initiative is a desperate attempt to keep their economy a float because infrastructure is such a huge part of their economy and they cant build any more domestically because they built so much they already have entire cities with no one living in them. so instead, just to keep the industry alive, they build in 3rd world countries that can never pay them back with the hope that one day they can send their manufactured goods to Europe, but they wont be on top in manufacturing by then anyways.
    Many people don't realize China's debt to GDP ratio is actually worse than the U.S. rate as well. they have kept their economy afloat since the great recession by artificially keeping demand for goods up through government spending with money they dont have. China will be scary for like 15 years more and then all of these major issues will catch up to them. They will never be a super power like the U.S. at least not anytime soon.

  4. China, Russia will form an alliance with most of the countries that the US has allienated, taste of own medicine

  5. Labelling it an ‘evil cult,’ China created an extra-legal apparatus known as the 6-10 Office to quash the discipline domestically—and around the world. An unprecedented campaign of terror and brainwashing has since been unleashed, including a vast network of ‘re-education’ camps, disappearances, torture, harvesting organs from practitioners, and more.  China has not only invaded and killed but they are also destroying cultures and local identities from the inside. They come and they money out the locals. A massive Chinese government plan to fully control its subjects and their lives through censorship, violence and blackmailing. On the top of this the threat put up by China on the environment. Simply unprecedented.

  6. The US has been the instigator of wars and the primary aggressor in world conflicts. And has been inflicting pain in every continent since the invasion of CANADA in 1812.
    Washington has destabilized foreign governments and also has intervened in foreign policys.. so therefore, This would make The US as the biggest threat in the world.
    But Beijing would not tolerate any of these crap and would not hesitate to stand up to Washington. So America screwed America .

  7. The US aggression and hegemonic policies over the years, for they have caused havocs, turmoil .dealths , destruction and sorrows . ,wherever they have been. So The US would be the creator of problems and a threat to world peace.

  8. The People's Republic of China's aggressive and antagonistic behavior and long-term plans are not compatible with the U.S. and the world. Intimidating or bullying neighboring nations claiming practically the entire South China Sea and the other seas, all oil-gas and fishing rights and militarizing these is prelude to a militarily violent war. China has pissed off many nations from India and Australia, to Indonesia and Malaysia to Brunei and Philippines to South Korea and Japan and even the fellow communist nation of Vietnam. Also, the conquered nation of Tibet now incorporated into The People's Republic of China constantly threatening Tibet's spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. China makes fake Dalai Lamas and fake Panchen Lamas propagandizing Tibetans to abandon their religion and embrace the CCP as their leader. No thanks, China. I want nothing to do you or the CCP as my new leader or new "god." I'm an American Black guy of mixed genes from slavery times and a loyal American citizen regardless of whether I voted or did not vote for the current president. And I clearly see the existential danger of China's evil ambition to feed its enormous national ego and greed for power at the expense of humanity. The world is a fool to trade thus enriching communist China.

  9. Sino-American relations are off to a very bad start under the Trump Administration, and this even after being warmly welcomed by China's President, Xi Jinping: First, the US Navy, since Trump's rise to power, has flouted the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which prevents any foreign country sailing within 12 nautical miles of a country's territorial waters without first getting its permission to do so. The US Navy has sailed within 12 nautical miles of the Scarborough Shoal and the Paracel Islands, angering China, since these islands are owned and settled by China; Second, the US in January 2018 started a symbolic trade war with China, by placing tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels, washing machines and other products; Third, in February of 2018, the US Secretary of State expressed concern about China's growing economic ties with South America, calling into question China's motives in reaching out to South-America, as if it threatens US ties with its southern neighbors. Fourth, on 4 February 2018, the U.S. military has put countering China and Russia, dubbed “revisionist powers”, at the center of a new national defense strategy aimed at nuclear rearmament, casting Beijing as a potential nuclear adversary. The trend is clear. The US is off to a bad start in its relations with China, when the US could have more easily worked with China to its advantage, while there were still expectations for a greater improvement in bilateral relations.

  10. The WHITE MAN is the world's only enemy. We will never give up on the war against White Terrorists in America. Only good WHITE TERRORISTS are dead WHITE TERRORISTS

  11. americunts like trolling so much… you apes might as well say that there is no country called as china when you have discussions now lololol😂😂😂….. iwant you filthy animals to go to such extent seriously lolol…. it will be so funny to watch… for example a reporter asks a liberal Americunt ape if china is gonna overtake the us as global superpower and the low iq criminal thus replies…."CHINA??… what the hell is that??…. is that a country??…or what??… what the hell are you talking about???"….and then the reporter just keeps looking at the animal dumbfounded lolol🤣😂😂🤣…. that's what should happen in all the news channels in the us where they discuss about china llolol!!!!

  12. "China spies on us more than any other country"
    Somewhere in USA
    "This is a secret meeting, but theirs a Chinse Mole, Spy a Snake!!! Somewhere in this room, amongst us. His a chinise Spy in our mist, Chinse, Minority guy. Sheng Lee your under custody!"
    "That's racist suspicion and you got no proof, I can sue your ass"
    "Ok, hmmm I am afraid I have to let you go… your fired."
    "Why? Because I am Chinse!!!!"
    "No you are a threat to security because of your heritita because of your looks Cough mphm I mean their are spies from china and your not born here"
    "See racist, I am gonna sue your ass"
    "How about you stay in this company, and sit there and look at the presentation and have some input"

  13. When they are in the decline they become frustrated and very sensitive, they lost their confidence and they have no more sense of humour. When they have problem they always say all are the Chinese, Russian or other country's fault. When they steal (based on Snowden) they think everyone else is the thief or spy. When they have very bad track records (they have declared so many wars with so much bloody killings since WWII) they condemn others about "human right violations", and so on. When their media, their government and their markets have been controlled by the interest groups they endlessly remind other countries to follow the rules of "free speech", "democracy" and "free market". When they consume so much cheaper "Made in China" in their daily life and their country borrowed so much money from China they say China is just a copy-cat and would collapse soon … funny, isn't it? Actually, the biggest American threat or enemy is American itself, neither China, nor Russia or other countries.

  14. The white man needs a new enemy. You guys already hate blacks, Brown's, Muslims and anything in between. Maybe the White man is the real danger to those of us that aren't white :/

  15. And why is that a surprise China is leaving you behind since you keep telling your black to pull themselves by some bootstraps thou barefoot and how much is that is a mystery as you spend on mass incarceration, over policing and military industrial complex

  16. Every time I hear an American lecture the world on human rights, its like listening to Charlie Manson giving a lecture on Morality

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