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Who Are The Young Turks? (Webby Award Winner – People’s Voice – Best News & Politics Series)

People’s Voice Webby Award Winner for Best News & Politics Series in the 15th Annual Webby Awards.

A TYT Network Production

Cenk Uygur is host of The Young Turks, the first ever live, daily web television talk show. The Young Turks is the largest online news show in the world. The show is one of the Top 50 You Tube Partners, with over 25 million views a month on the The Young Turks You Tube Channel.

The Young Turks received the Best Political Podcast 2009 at the Podcast Awards and Best Political News Site 2009 at the Mashable Awards.

The Young Turks is also now the flagship show of the TYT Network. The other stations include TYT Sports, TYT Interviews, The Top Vlog and the movie review show What the Flick?! The TYT Network has over 385 million views on YouTube.

Cenk Uygur is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business and Columbia University Law School. He worked as a lawyer, television writer and television host before starting The Young Turks. Cenk also blogs on Huffington Post, Daily Kos, ABC News and Politico.

Described by the Pittsburgh City Paper as “Part Howard Stern, Part Howard Dean,” The Young Turks presents a smart, funny and irreverent take on politics, pop culture and news. The main TYT brand is truth-telling.

A sampling of recent guests include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Jimmy Carter, Julian Assange, Michael Moore, Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, DNC Chair Howard Dean, Russel Simmons, Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, Actor Matt Dillon, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark, Actor Mel Brooks, Brian Williams of NBC News, Sam Donaldson of ABC News, Professor of Linguistics at MIT Noam Chomsky, Actor Richard Dreyfuss, Political Commentator Mary Matalin, Political Commentator Arianna Huffington, among numerous others.

Directed by Andrew Napier.

Music by Felix Sofia.

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  1. Your right. Thanks!! LMAO!! Tell Bush, Cheney, Palin & her kids all about 'hateful simpleton's'………. At least what I say is TRUE!

  2. @0:20,
    I'm from a New England town with a long yacht-racing tradition, and most yacht-racing fans I know are actually ultra-liberal and most racers are not wealthy per se. I'd say the average income for 30-foot yacht-owners is about 120K per year. Not poor, but they aren't wealthy. Often two or three adult family members will buy a yacht.

    Pain isn't missing a yacht race, pain is watching a yacht race. It's like watching paint dry.

  3. Factual? Authentic? Hardly. When the moral and goal is to just bash Conservatives in any way possible, that's what we like to call biased. You'd be a lunatic if you don't think they are biased. I have very Conservative beliefs and I despise Fox News because they are way too biased to the right even though I agree with some things on there, but these clowns on the young turds as I like to call them, are the most hateful morons I've ever seen.

  4. trust me these guys are biased liberal douches that think they know whats best for every US citizen. they dont understand he concept of working for a living, and not depending on govt handouts. They completely shit on the lower middle class workers, who are paying for every lazy douch who decides to mooch welfare. but youll figure all of this out once you get out of school and get a job. Youll go strait to more conservative beleifs once you become a functinoing member of society.

  5. God, you're such an idiot. I don't even know where to start. So you think these HUGE corporations (in one way or another receiving TRILLIONS of dollars of FREE money) with millionaire CEOS deserve the money more? Welfare is a small issue, and 100 billion would solve it. If you truly care about your money not going to waste, STOP THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS GOING TO THE BANKERS AND THE CEOS. You're so ignorant that it actually makes me sad. I guess I shouldn't expect much more from a conservative.

  6. You're a fucking lunatic. If only you could see how fucking illogical and retarded you sound. God isn't real. Satan isn't real. 'God's people masked under freedom of speech' – What the fuck? This is funny because you're the exact person they talk about when they talk about crazy fucking christian romney supporters. You're a MORON Jcarter. I won't waste anymore time on your insane, misguided, and religious ass.

  7. i know that no milionare actually deserves the money. CEOs dont deserve to make money siting around, athletes dont deserve to make money playing a game etc., but thats not what i'm talking about. im talking about middle class citizens that work off thier asses only to pay for welfare. yeah, you could redistrubute the wealt of those millionaires but thatll just encourage more mooching, which means less working, less economic growth and more national debt.

  8. 0:35

    last time i checked obama care, excesive govt spending and stupid social economic programs were all democratic ideas…..

  9. I think maybe they should not JUST call their show a news show because it really isn't. They have news, but they almost always give their opinion on it. I find their show entertaining and I like to hear their opinions but I just think they should put it more out there that they really are more about expressing opinions than "journalism" in the unbiased sense.

  10. They are definitely biased as they are liberal and pro-equality in gender and race and they will call out any injustice they see. That's why I love watching them! Because they are biased in the best way possible!

  11. What? Yes they are reporting on real events but they discuss the stories they report on and give their opinion.. that is reporting subjectively. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I love this channel, but by definition it is bias.

  12. "20 million views a month."

    This one promotional video has 153,000 over 4 years.

    TYT, the bastion of liberal delusion.

  13. Hey young turds; wanna impress me with your great wisdom? Start taking opposition callers next time you trash-talk conservatives.


  15. Yah they came up over night. And they have polticians incourage you to watch. Because polticians want you to have the facts.

  16. I truly believe that TYT will end up on the progressive scrap heap like MSNBC and Air America. That is the destiny of any show that does not present opposing opinions. For now, TYT has an audience. I watch Cenk because it is like watching Bigfoot perform a soliloquy from Othello. His only appeal, however, is comic appeal. He could not cut it as a lawyer and he was fired from MSNBC. So now he has his platform to display selective liberal outrage and promote progressive social engineering. Even progressives tire of that banquet when it is served every day.

  17. Let's be honest. This website is nothing more than a machine to trash Caucasians with; that's what its sole function is. But I've got news for these racists, one day they'll have to answer to their Maker and they won't have their lib cronies (that are doing the same thing with their various soapboxes) to hide behind and to come to their defense and tell them how right they are. It'll be Game Over.

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