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What to expect from Trump’s State of the Union Address

The Angle on America panel discusses what to expect from U.S. President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address.

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  1. This man is so awful. He makes rude comments, lies, acts like a child, and is oblivious to how sexist he is. I signed a petition for him to be impeached. America needs someone who will actually do something about what problems are going on.

  2. Why assume, wonder, guess, worry about it! God is in control of ALL things… all we are asked to do is to pray for them, for our leaders as stated in Scriptures.

  3. The usual speech…
    You know…
    He's going to shove that red,white and blue D in his gullible supporters A.

    Also,i am disappointed to see that some people still have resentment toward the french speaking population of Canada.Maybe you failed history class and don't know that Canada was founded by the French and British.(Keep the natives out of this,colonial era is over)

    If two nations that have been here for more than 250 years can't get along,it tells a lot about the outcome of massive immigration in this country.

  4. Booming Economy, ISIS running scared, lowest unemployment numbers ever for Blacks and Hispanics, and also for women in 18 years. Tax cuts, Building up the military, taking care of the VA, and more and more companies going back to the US investing and providing Jobs, jobs, jobs..MAGA.

  5. Better speech than any Canadian politician has ever made. I don't like the guy, but at least he is doing what he promised and he is creating policies that are helpful to Mid-status American families. The last 20 years of my countries leadership has created corruption, unequitable policies and increase in poverty.

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