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What to expect from the ‘bomb cyclone’ traveling up the East Coast

Capital Weather Gang’s Jason Samenow tells us how much snow the bomb cyclone could dump and its expected impact on the already bitter temperatures. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. today in san jose ca, around 1 pm, i closed all of my windows.
    at 2 pm it began raining, and had dropped down into the mid 50s.
    i broke out my winter thermal shirt and the winter flannel.
    im not turning on the heater unless it hits the 40°s.

  2. Sorry to be so nasty I wouldn't typically but anyone that works for the Washington compost I have no respect for

  3. Yes…we do have climate change as Trump jokes about global warming instead of warning the country of the dangers coming and safety….

  4. OMG…snow?? In the winter??? This is shocking…I'm shocked at this snow and cold in January. We've never had this before. Well shit I guess I need to start watching Bill Nye and donate to Al Gore…

  5. Love how you unwashed hippies are out there in the snow freezing your balls off saying the planet is getting hotter and ice is melting. XD

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