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What does the Gold Star controversy tell us about U.S. politics — and Trump?

Jamelle Bouie, Rich Lowry, Susan Glasser, and Michael Duffy discuss the decline of standards in American politics and what the U.S. can do about it.

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  1. As Mueller's investigation heats up against a leader who has no affinity for the rule of law, separation of powers or ethical conduct….like a rudderless Titanic the country is adrift in a chaotic world rendering it vulnerable to slamming up against an unanticipated and unseen iceberg at any moment. The roster of GOP promises looms as a fool's intractable pact with the devil:
    . Build a wall and Mexico will pay-No progress
    . Affordable health care better and cheaper for all-No Progress
    . Tax reform and cuts-No Progress
    . A plan to eliminate ISIS in 90 days-No progress and attacks have become more frequent, particularly in europe
    . Improve our standing Internationally-No progress and our standing with allies has become worse, much worse.
    . Deport illegal aliens-some progress but no one to do agricultural or construction work now
    . Create millions of jobs-No progress beyond the trend Obama set
    . Reduce unemployment-No progress beyond the trend Obama set
    . Drain the swamp-No progress, but the opposite. The cabinet is full of self-serving billionaires; corruption abounds prompting resignations, firings, and investigations.

  2. 'Face the Nation' you are a joke and an embarrassment to unbiased news reporting. Any semi intelligent person can see how you, just like the other MSM, purposely construct a dialog to paint President Trump in a bad light. The voters of this country elected him as did the electoral vote. Yes President Trump won both. Because all the illegal votes cast for democrats, don't count. Start reporting the news in a fair and unbiased manner!

  3. Lost my respect for John Kelly… He's now an "empty barrel" like Donald Trump… Remember when four Americans killed by terrorists was a big deal?… John Kelly lied for Trump and made false statements… proved by video … Donald Trump : "He knew what he was getting into"… How come the same philosophy was never used on the Benghazi attack.?😈

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