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We’re saved! David Miliband’s back from the USA to rescue the UK from Brexit!

THE former Foreign Secretary David Miliband will launch his UK political comeback by joining a cross-party bid to try and stop the hard Brexiteers, including Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, claiming they are “holding Britain to ransom”.

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  1. So the prodigal prick returns , back for a remake of Dummer & Dummer or Wallis and Gromit lol.
    Seriously GOOGLE this FCO 30/1048 👍👍👍👍👍 So suck on this remainers.
    At last you can learn the hidden truth from this government document how we have been betrayed to the EU dictatorship the criminal subversiveness of all the British people by continuing corrupt UK governments. So suck on this remainers

  2. I might be just a Canadian, but please explain to me how the UK is going to be "rescued" from taking its sovereignty back and then losing it again?

    Honestly, if you believe that unelected bureaucrats in the EU should have more power than ELECTED officials in European countries, you really need to give your head a shake.

  3. He lost out to that failure brother of his. If this is the Labour party's great White hope. They're fucked.

  4. His opinion is no more relevant than my dog's. He's not even lived in this country for years . Why give this man air time to give his views on Brexit. Let's hurry up and get out so we don't have to listen to elitist pricks like him

  5. Go back to America Miliband and take your ridiculous brother with you where you both will fit in !!! LEAVE BRITAIN ALONE !

  6. Ed case!
    The CEO of UK Refugees and the one who has George Soros ( The Man Who Broke The Bank of England) personally hand him a $500 million Cheque!
    Now London has more killing & knife crime than Americans :-/
    Also Sadiq Kahn's " Uncle Tom's " ISIS Head cutters on London streets!

  7. The momentum in Europe, if there is any, is towards a super indebted federal super state. With the possibility of federal imposed taxes.
    I wonder if David Miliband sees an opportunity to use the EU issue to challenge Jeremy Corbyn?

  8. Piss off this guys another lefty Marxist go back to living under a rock we don't need anymore of your like destroying this once great nation you've done enough damage as is

  9. So they are dragging out another wanker. Who gives a shit what this twat has to say either .. We see right through your lies. You can't fool us anymore because the game is up ..

  10. Who voted that cunt in the people voted to leave european union get over it next you will want a rerun of when your dumb arsed brother beat you in the labour leadership contest FUCKOFF back under ya stone

  11. How laughable that the socilaist promoters of totalitarian fascist bureaucracy have the gall to spruik the supposed “economic” benefits. It’s a mixture of criminal stupidity with dishonest hypocrisy.

  12. The EU is NOT changing at all, Macron is one of 27 PM's. The majority vote was to LEAVE the EU, not some half arsed affair that actually keeps us in, in all but name. And we know how that works with the EEC, the EC and the EU naming con.

  13. This Miliband has some credibility so don't take him for granted, somebody call up the MOGG and have him baffle Millie with logic and common sense.

  14. I read on here that he is a Rothschild Zionist, Thats nothing to do with the Jews by the way. Hard to know what to believe but its worth a bit of research.

  15. David Miliband , back from his so called charity work for which he was paid over one million dollars a year, now here briefly in the UK to try an end Brexit as it is not what he wants and to hell with the wishes of the British people.

  16. Like an arsonist returning to the scene of his crime and pleading with the Fire Brigade to stop ruining his hard work

  17. I am Fucking Pissed off with Millionaires telling us whats right for us when they are only interested in themselves!!!!!

  18. Well he can fuck off back because he didn't want to run the country while he had the chance but chose not to so he's out of here, Labour could bring anyone back because no one can save them now the party's almost dead thanks to JC

  19. David please go back to the USA, picking up your six figure salary working for a "charity". You seemed so much happier there, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. If you wankers think brexit will be stopped,just wait and see what the brittish public will do to you wet faced ,weak kneed, yellow bellied ,eurovile , hand wringing knob wipes . Fuck off and die and let democracy do its job. The very same democracy that fairly voted leave.

  21. What an utter and complete condescending pratt !How desperate the remoaners are dragging this washed up has been out to spout his NWO/EU nonsense !Next they will get Clegg……………OH sorry they have tried thatNext they will get Obama………….OH sorry they have tried thatNext they will get Cable……………OH sorry they have tried thatNext they will get Blair……………..OH sorry they have tried thatHear they are trying to exhume Heath as a final throw of the dice !

  22. We voted to leave so get back to the USA and take that useless prat your brother with you that is you are still speaking to him

  23. fuck off Miliband, do half the politicians in parliament not no what a democracy is, for fuck sake WE WANT TO LEAVE.

  24. Oh the sheer arrogance of these fuckers – they just don't get it do they? Incredible. Self-serving anti-democratic arseholes every one of them.

  25. The arrogance of these lying Elitist scum amazes me. What gives him the right to interfere? HE LIVES IN AMERICA. GO HOME MILLIBAND.

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