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‘We’re not xenophobic, we have no space’: 2 German cities ban new refugees amid violence

The eastern German city of Cottbus won’t accept any more migrants in a bid to ease tensions after a surge in violence involving refugees. Some local residents, however, say the temporary ban won’t help resolve the core problem.


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  1. Multiculturalism is ww3. The destruction of Western Civilization and genocide of ethnic Europeans. The politicians are well paid for their treason and they are your enemy. The black and brown military aged men pouring into your countries are the weapon.

  2. The Kremlin always stirring hatred and separation everywhere for Putin. Typical crap. Putin murdered the RT NEWS founder. Then he took over RT.

  3. Patriotic Nationalist Parties in power for Europe with mass deportation programs and trials for all of those in positions of power and influence who supported and FORCED this mass Invasion
    Leave the anti-European (((EU))) and take back our (((banks))) and Sovereignty

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  6. I will be traveling to Germany in April to help out with some of the Syrian refugee asylums in need. Is there anyone in Germany who can give me some tips on how I should behave around these refugees, considering Google doesn't really help with learning their culture?

  7. Now if anti refugee/migrant sentiment increased along with violence they would be driven out of everywhere! Never back down.

  8. These stupid Europeans blaming Muslims. What are causing these Muslims and Africans coming to Europe. Please attack Iran. And you will see what a migration influx looks like.

  9. Naturally, one needs to distinguish between migrants who come to work and political refugees who come to live off Westerners, make them miserable and breed intensively.

  10. Elites and bankers crime syndicate orchestrated this all to cover-up the mess hoping to get more slaves to pay there debt,the hell they care who you believe in

  11. F journalists using words for buz and propaganda insulting patriots and resistants fighting invaders and traitors will pay high price.

  12. bullshit cottbus was allways xenophobic and a racist city from east germany since germany got united in 1990. nothing has changed. east germany is like the territory of the kukluxklan in terms of racism in germany. its an analogy so u can understand the situation better.

  13. The rt is funded in part or whole by the Russian government is that revenge for Hillary Clinton losing the elections ?

  14. Germany is destroying Europe like in 1918 and 1939. Germans are destroying Europe by flooding Europe with Islamic trashes and illegals blacks from Africa. Germany should have been nuked in 1945, instead Germans were giving a scott free surrender. Germany will be in headline news for many years to come. The world had enough of German's destructive behaviour.

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