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Week in Review: US-China Trade War Officially Begins | CNBC

U.S.-China trade war officially begins as both nations exchange tariffs, LeBron James moves to the LA Lakers in $154 million deal and EPA’s Scott Pruitt resigns.

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Week in Review: US-China Trade War Officially Begins | CNBC

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  1. That mfrs bankrupting America just like he's done his own businesses, except We are being fleeced to pay for it.

  2. Who is so naive to think this is just about trade? It would help if people admitted that behind MAGA, behind ALL of Trump’s tariffs and attacks is the American tradition of regime change for political and economic gain—from the attacks on Trudeau and China and the EU, to the dismantling of international agreements on trade, the environment and Iran, to the attacks on allied institutions like the UN, the WTP and Nato, to Trump’s support of Brexit, to his embassador in Germany stoking the right, and his offer to Macron to leave the EU. It is the last attempt to impose US geopolitical and economic hegemony, the lashing out of an empire in decline. What I LOVE most of all about the targeted EU, Canadian, Mexican and Chinese responses is that these countries are themselves highly focussed on regime change—they need the trade war to drag out long enough for this to happen, and Trump will surely oblige. Crush Trump states and destroy his base and return the Democrats to the White House. Brilliant, poetic justice: Russia influences the Trump victory, while China, Canada, Mexico and the EU influence the coming Democrat victory. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! MAGA, MAGA, MAHa, ha, ha…

  3. Вы хотите, чтобы тост на пляже с красивыми и кока-колы кадров? Купите монеты ZILLIQA или получите их бесплатно в airdrop on так через год вы станете богатым 🙂

  4. The whole world is jealous at the USA. Don't worry about the best president of all times, this stable genius and a High IQ president. He roughed up some feathers, but it's peanuts, you only need a few decennials to get accepted again by the world as respectable and trustworthy.

  5. As an American im told that our trade deals are unfair. If this is the case why is so many countries against making them fair? I care about my children and their children. Tbh id assume watch the world burn then my children suffer due to greed. Is the people of the world no better then the loafers i see destroying my country for free handouts. It a real question. Am i missing something here. Why so against fair trade?

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