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Watch Paul Shaffer Explain The Obama-Letterman Friendship | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

David Letterman’s musical director, Paul Shaffer talks to Ari Melber about working on Letterman’s new Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ and how late night comedy handles politics. The comedy star’s latest endeavor features high-profile interviews with a range of public figures, from fmr. President Barack Obama, to actor George Clooney, to activist Malala Yousafzai.
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Watch Paul Shaffer Explain The Obama-Letterman Friendship | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. Have Letterman ask Obama about how he authorized the IRS to target members of his opposition before
    the 2012 elections. Love to hear what he has to say.
    Maybe he answer a question as to why he spied on a Conservative journalist name Josh Rosen. Rosen
    was not a spy nor was suspected of any type of illegal activity.

  2. Everything about that first clip was wrong. They were talking about the NEW show not the OLD show AND it was the NBC show not the CBS!

  3. Letterman is an Ideological subversion puppet… a highly paid, brainwashed, propaganda-spreading globalist.

    Obama is a hateful criminal and terrorist, as is Canada's emotionally insane, first ladymanperson, Trudeau. All a bunch of braindead Orwellian globalist sellouts, with zero compassion for humanity. Zero wisdom and a very low level of conscious awareness. Still asleep!

    You want to fix 3rd world problems…? Take back the massive wealth stolen by the few very rich and well known trillionaire crime families who control the majority of all wealth and assets and business and banking and insurance, and, and, and… and who have total control the G20 UN NWO leaders. And cut off their funding from the poor masses, via plant-food punishing, green-religion carbon tax and entrepreneur–crushing enviro laws pushed by their scientist-free IPCC UN appointed policy makers… and start building up the 3rd world so all cultures can evolve unmolested by globalist psychopaths who want total control of everything… and I mean every f-king-thing!

    Look up ideological subversion because you def don't have any idea what it means… And most importantly….. From the bottom of my heart… Letterman – Fk you!

  4. Every time Obama appears on TV, he’s a reminder of how utterly WITHOUT any CLASS Trump is. No WONDER Trump HATES Obama, right?

  5. Paul Schaeffer (sic)! What a get! He was a giant on SNL before Dave even got a foot in the door of a tiny, unstable cable TV at that time. Paul never mentions it.

  6. Long Live Obama, one of the finest leaders this country and history has ever had the pleasure to know.

    Donald Trump is evading and fighting justice, his refusal to release the Democratic Memo only prolongs his inevitable Impeachment and arrest for Obstruction crimes.

  7. Sorry, but nobody ever rocked the late night like Carson did. He was iconic. Dave was okay. Kimmel hit or miss, but mostly miss.

  8. Trolls are gonna troll…
    Some do it because they get paid to comment and goad people into responding to them..
    Others troll because they live a lonely existence and crave the attention their ignorant comments try to provoke..
    Do the right thing, ignore them.

  9. where is obama? did he lawyer up? did his lawyers tell him to keep his mouth shut and keep a low profile? when will his indictment come down? is he still alive? will he get life in prison or shot for treason? im a russian troll who's curious thats all. go putin! MAGA!!!

  10. Shaffer is such a crass, smarmy showbiz cliche. He's like an old borscht belt talent promoter. I've also heard from a few in the know that he's into young girls…..gross!

  11. Ahh just to see Obama warmed our heartstrings. Thank you real President for being a classy intelligent man who held the Oval Office with dignity and respect.

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