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WATCH LIVE Trump-Kim Summit: Historic US, North Korea meeting in Singapore

President Donald Trump, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un meet for the first time to discuss possible denuclearization of the hermit kingdom.

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  1. And the American reporters also commented that this may give the world a wrong impression that America will compensate and treat you good if you provoke and threaten. But didnt that work both sides? America also threatened and sanctioned NK and NK responded.

  2. Please Mr. President Trump, we are unarmed, the present government does not represent us, they approve laws only to harm us!

    The media, are corrupted, do not report the truth!

    Please help us.

  3. Help Brazil, the corrupt government overturned the printed vote, we are about communist dictatorship, the media does not show the clamor of the people in the streets asking for military intervention !

  4. I’m scared to type In my opinion in the comment section because I know someone will reply to me, disagree with me, argue with me, then more people will join in (‘^▽^) I really don’t want to start a disaster.

  5. The so called Christian Nations are the Northern KIngdom of Israel,whom God divorced and sent out of his sight and scattered them.WHY?For false godworship,sacrafising to false gods.idolatry,being into the occult and witchcraft.This the Northern Kingdom of Israel is still doing to this very day.The majority.REPENT,NORTHERN KINGDOM of ISREAL,before it is to late.Read the book of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.Read the book of ACts,king james version.See the video routing demons by JOhn EChardt,see the video The Testimony of Solomon,see the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.See the video The Fragmented soul by Win Worley.See other videos by Win Worley,John EChardt,and Derek Prince.The whole human race is being taken over by demons.The disembodied spirits of the giants.The children of the fallen angels.Killed in the flood of Noah.

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  7. Your beloved Mother, Mother of Salvation : Nuclear war involving Iran being plotted.
    -Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 @ 13:50

    My child, much is happening right now in the world, as Satan’s army continues to spread havoc everywhere.
    They are trying to take control of all financial institutions, so they can inflict a terrible atrocity on my children.

    They, the evil group, driven by lust and power, are also trying to create a nuclear war in Iran.
    You, my child, must pray that God the Father will, in His great Mercy, open their hearts to stop these things from happening.

    Never lose faith, children, because your prayers are working.
    Great evils including abortion, euthanasia, prostitution and sexual perversities, are beginning to weaken in the world now.
    Pray, pray, pray my Most Holy Rosary, children, in groups if possible, everywhere.

    Satan is losing his power quickly as my heel begins to squash the serpent’s head.
    It won’t be long now for my Son’s arrival on Earth.
    First, He will give you this last chance to convert.

    Then, He will prepare the world quickly for His Second Coming.
    Time is short now.
    Prayer is the weapon, children, to keep Satan’s army from the final persecution they are planning against humanity.
    Remember that my Eternal Father will, through His Love and Compassion, protect all of you who believe in Him.

    For those who will continue to disobey Him and deny the Truth of the Existence of my beloved Son, pray, pray, pray for their salvation.
    The time is ready. Open your hearts to the Divine Mercy of my Son.

    The skies will start to change now and then all will see this great miracle unfold before them.
    Be ready.

    Prepare your homes and pray my Holy Rosary at every opportunity to loosen the grip of the evil one.

    Your beloved Mother, Mother of Salvation

  8. I'm pleased the beloved and otherwise leader spoke of denuclearization through a pink-clad anchor to his people.

  9. This is prayer answered, God bless America. After North Korea, President Trump show focus on African leader who want to rule with guns.

  10. HOW MUCH Billions of Billions does KIM JUNG UN get that he sell his country?? Those who believe that shit are the biggest idiots. KIM JONG UN or how this little suckers name is just sold the country NorthKorea to the banksystem. CONGRATUALTION IDIOTS. Now the terrorsystem is almost unbeatable. So much suffering on earth and this shit system still goes on. When they sell us the air, then the fucking monkey humans will wake up, but at that points it too late because those monkies believe that jesus save the world. FUCK THIS LIFE FUCK THIS HOLE MONKEY PLANET SHIT!!! FUCK YOU ALL. Humans are soooo dumb its unbelievable sooooo duuuuuumb. Dumber than animals because they are animals which work to get food and drink. Soooo dumb. There will come a big massacre soon because the overpopulation is coming so far with this system. HUmans are such a dumb idiot fucked up slave bitch race. How much idiots are reading that but in their brain mind or soul is just shit or emptly??!!?! Oooh damn.

  11. american schmucks .. why would N.Korea destroy something that they just built .. speaking of building, where's the fukin wall !

  12. Proud of Trump & America…All the Clintons, Obamas & Bushes etc could never have achieved this Historic Summit Meeting of the 2 Nations…Thumbs up for President Trump 2020, he has achieved great Results in such a short time in the Presidential Office ie .only within 17mths & more to come

  13. so mr president trump says america is going to let down its guard so he can put hotels in korea and ruin korea like he did to america oh arent we maga

  14. I am so happy that our new president Trump has accomplished so much good and kept so many promises in just a short time in office. Considering the despicable anti-American negative onslaught by the immoral heathen democrats, the perverted Hollywood crowd, and their FAKE NEWS media, it is nothing short of divine intervention.
    God bless America
    God bless our most unusual and great President Trump.

  15. Just show the video you fucks I dont care about your hours of commentary over other peoples commentary.

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