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Watch James Comey’s explosive interview with USA TODAY

In an interview given on Friday morning, April 13, former FBI Director James Comey opens up about his role in the 2016 election, his dismissal from the FBI by President Trump, and whether or not he thinks Trump may be compromised by the Russians.

In an extraordinary interview, former FBI director James Comey called Donald Trump “morally unfit to be president” and said he believed it was possible the Russians were holding compromising personal information over the head of the commander in chief.

Comey’s comments and his new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, are fueling a combustible moment in Washington that could become a constitutional crisis. At the White House, Trump has unleashed a barrage of angry tweets against Comey — calling him an “untruthful slime ball,” among other insults — amid reports he was poised to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his role in the Russia investigation that Comey once headed.

Never before in American history has a current or former director of the FBI, the nation’s principal law-enforcement agency, publicly described a president in such a scathing manner.

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  1. I bet james comey did not write this book!!!!!!! He just hired someone !!!!!!! All james Comey did was stop his brother that was working for hillary clinton from going to Jail along side hillary clinton !!!!!! james comey and his brother and hillary should be in jail !!!!!! this is proof that money can do anything !!!

  2. "explosive" It sure will blow! Blow up in his face, when all COMEY's lies and Felonies.
    He states that he HATES Lies… but has no problem with Hillary, Huma, Lynch, and any one
    on the LEFT.

    What a piece of dog crap Comey is…. can't wait to see him at his trial.

  3. Well, when you've been absorbing conspiracy theories for the past seventy years, it's pretty easy to see Putin as "the Good Guy". But, yeah, it's all just business.

  4. Type in Trump and YouTube put negative after negative videos of trump at the top, I ain't saying Trump is a saint but cooking the agenda is definitely what Google owned you rube is doing, it's embarrassing , disappointing and BOLLOCKS

  5. explosive interview?? sounds like he was talking about himself being a crime boss of the FBI.Wait and see what happens to him when Congress gets a hold of him.

  6. The politicization of law enforcement and the security apparatus of the USA has risen to a level of absurdity that I never imagined to see in my lifetime.

  7. So everyone is aware: Lyin' with no G is code. G is God, also the number 7 (heaven). If you research occultism but remain dedicated to God and truth, you'll be set free one day from you Masters (13) or 1+3=4 otherwise IV (penis and cup). Best thing to do is not be afraid, or you will drink the cup of wrath (V=5 or 2+3).

  8. Comey you have no strengths you are a very evil and weak man. Owned by Soro and the Clinton Mafia Foundation. You will do anything for money. A very sick individual you are.

  9. Comy you are big time liar.You write this book to make money
    .. Ill will.not spend a penny for your lyimg
    Liar. yes you ate.not coming.back for. for ypur lies…

  10. I’m going to write a book; been meaning to for a long time… I mean looks like everyone is an author, I’m just saying

  11. The heathen liberal immoral Democrats and their fake news media are a blight on humanity and should be crushed.

  12. Why did you waste the time!!! The FBI approved his book but released but wont approve the release of teh Comey memo's. All they are trying to do is help Comey make the money off the book before everything is released. The IG report shows how Comey "Drove" an interesting conversation. I think Comey is completely unfit morally and he is transposing his sins on others. Again Read the IG report. Comey was incharge of everything that happened in the FBI during that time.

  13. ohh yea this clown is hopping the americans buy his stinky book so he can make money, this guy is sick he should be in jail.

  14. He's saying all this to simply sell his book. No matter what interview he's at his main mission is, read my book. He's a disgrace to the FBI, he's a wimp and cries and always puts himself up as the "Victim".

  15. If the Russians had anything on Trump or he was complacent with Russia ,are we supposed to be gullible enough to think Putin wouldn't use it now that there's been sanctions on Russia and we bombed Syria against their warning? This whole premise that Russia has something on President Trump has no air to it at all, it truly comes to us flat. It's just a great tool to put ?'s in the American public. It's great he has no value of truth in all he says.

  16. Comey is like one of those irritating flies on a turd. What a lying person he is. Look at the evidence look at his wife look at his kids and look at this jerk. People of the world do this man a favour. Do not buy his trash mag. Comey has snake eyes. Just look.

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