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Visakha Lady Techie death mystery : Parents blame husband – TV9

Visakha Lady Techie death mystery : Parents blame husband – TV9

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Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. Routine story, it has become fashion for girls and their parents to falsely abuse husband and their parents without any solid evidences

  2. Reason for her death will be known from body autopsy and then only one should come to conclusion whether it is sucide or murder or natural death

  3. Manchoda,kadha ani chudaru
    Ekkada farmer ne takkuvaga chustharu
    Ekkada variki echi chesthai money. Undadhu
    Happy matrame untunshi

  4. She is a very strong and straight person, humble and kind human being, and highly qualified technical professional. Please don't comment about her in any bad way. She always bothered about her kids every moment. May her soul rest in peace.

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