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This video shows exactly why it is unrealistic for President Obama or anyone to expect Israel to go back to the 1967 borders. We the United States are supposed to be friends of Israel. Friends do not set up friends to be annihilated!!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with Israel and her people (Gods People).

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  1. Ok then, who will protect Iran from USA and Israel? Who will ensure that Iran, Turkey, Egypt does not end up like Iraq or recently Libya? Under the heel of jewish supremacists and USA corporations?

    In Israel ortodox jews spit on Christian priests everyday.
    Google "priest are spit at Israel" for source.

    My thought and prayers goes out to the poor victims of Israel, let no more palestians babies be burned, nor europeans lives sacrifice at the altar of Israel.

  2. Israel and the arabs are equally shit, Europe and the US should napalm the whole region and make a parkinglot of it, less trouble for the rest of us.

  3. @denotheresa
    Israel defend itself? It got the largest airforce in the world, it is the only state in the middle east with fusion weapons. In operation cast lead 300 children were murdered.

    Google : "Israeli rabbis call for creation of 'death camps' for Palestinians"
    Israel is not a democracy. Not in any western sense anyway.

  4. @denotheresa Iran never said it would wipe Israel of the face of the earth, how could it? Iran said that the zionist Israel regime will collapse. A search on wikipedia and you will find ample sources.
    Actually Israel has around 300 nuclear weapons, enough to wipe Iran and any other arab country of the face of the earth.

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