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Vaping an epidemic in US high schools

A report from the Surgeon General says there has been a 900 percent increase in e-cigarette use among high school students in recent years. Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes us inside.

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  1. in that test they were using a machine seeing how it works theres metal in that machine so you really never know whats in the juice

  2. Just shut the fuck up let idiots be idiots and worry about your own fucking life than trying to ruin other's

  3. Tobacco companies are fabricating lies because they are scared to lose profits.

    These teachers prefer their kids smoke cigarettes, weed and crack instead of Juul ?

  4. I lost more brain cells watching this bullshit, show me a cited study that proves the health risk of vaping. And don’t be over dramatic about the problem it’s not a problem. It’s not even bad for you really sure after a while you might lose a few brain cells but your not going to get cancer or die from vaping. If you want I’ll start doing heroin or Xanax, oh no that’s bad and extremely deadly and addicting.

  5. vaping is safer than cigarettes but it stinks of shit and people always blow it in your face to piss you off

  6. its messed up out if a kid gets a normal cigarette he can smoke it, which is more harmful than a juul or vape of any kind.

  7. there is lead in water more chemical in shampoo and toothpaste even hormones in fruits and all the meat we eat

  8. "And there is no safe level of lead."

    Hmm, I wonder why they put it in our tap water then. 🤔

    Lmfao most of these ingredients are found in the fake ass food we eat everyday. Good job trying to scare us, but it don't work boo boo.

  9. Everything is appealing to kids. Rember when they wanted to ban those fruity alcohol drinks because they thought kids were drinking them? There still out. We all smoked ciggs in high school. It's probably a better alternative to smoking. They'd rather have kids smoking cigarettes and getting cancer by their 20s then do something that's proven less harmful. And no company puts that stuff that gives you "pop corn lung" in there juice. No one. They burn those coils and cotton to get those results and that's like vaping n not breathing any air. There's a real study that says its 99.9% the same as breathing in air from outside. That's a private study not one funded but tobacco companies. I've vapes for over 4 years and am great. It's not the nicotine in cigarettes youre addicted to, its the 5 of over 1000 chemicals they put in them. Just like food its all addicting because they make it addicting. They know what to put in it to keep you on it. I can go days without vaping and be fine, try to do that with someone who smokes.

  10. A vape does not always have nicotine and there are ALOT of other variables but as for the other things such as the metals… I dunno anything about that, hell I don't know much but I do know that much

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