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USA Will Attack Pakistan & Starting of WW3 – Russia News

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  1. lol…we made nukes not to celebrate the fuctions as fire crackers..we will fuck americans the way we want to fuck them

  2. pakis are dirt attack attack attack them big time one's and for all. this world will be better place without terrorists

  3. it will take less then a minute to over take pakis by any country in the world. the problem is they are made by British so they are British puppets belongs to them. and that makes it little difficult i guess that's way they do what they do, BUT SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT.

  4. Heheheh Dogs Of Chines Pakistan A Terrorist Country Terrorist Sponsoring State US Should Bomb This Bloody Shitty Country

  5. This news clip is about 5 years old. US does not have the guts to attack Pakistan and neither does india so CIA and RAW have been using proxy war to make Pakistan weak internally. Pak Army is fighting this proxy war with so many terrorist organizations created by US, Israel and India. India will try to impose its will on Pakistan and Pakistan will then give a massive response to india that will start WW3 and that is when CHINA, Pakistan and North Korea will fight against US, Israel and india.

  6. We all now what happened to Goliath when he attacked David!!! Do not underestimate the power of God!. Pakistan maybe small but has trust in Allah Almighty! We fear nobody accept Allah!!! We believe in Peace not War.

  7. If Americans attacked on Pakistan, first pak army will flat india and Israel to the ground, then create a new cemetery for American soldiers in Pakistan…. Best of luck fuckers…

  8. USA are fighting Pashtun
    And all taliban are Pashtun
    And Pashtun are living at a border of pak and it's more than Afghan Pashtun so they are attacking USA from two sides
    And here is a tribal area where pak own army are not happy to go there so USA is impossible to do something
    So in my opinion it's v hard time for Pakistan to decide what
    To be with taliban or with USA and from now they fully support USA

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