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The risk of a large-scale trade war between the United States and China has never seemed as clear as it is now. Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a president who’s committed to protectionist policies. Perhaps that’s why his recent threats to China don’t surprise us: either decrease the trade deficit or the United States will respond with several tariffs.

Now, is a commercial war good for the United States? Is the trade deficit such a great threat as Donald Trump states? Is China competing in an unfair way? How can the difference between imports and exports be reduced? We will tell you all about it today.

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  1. Why are we spending 54 thousand USD per second? Who was the genius that created that format of economic practices?

  2. Whatever it is, both of the country leader and ministers need to sit down and talk it out. Seek a win win solution for both. And dont ruin the bull market run

  3. In summary- Chinese business practices are unethical but starting a trade war with them will not solve anything.

  4. Sorry, but I believe you are absolutely wrong. It is not about being PROTECTIONIST! It is about US security! Try once again but be more accurate. It is not about economy. It is about world dominance.

  5. Trade deficits means one party can sell more goods to another than the other way around. Deficits can be reversed by producing more desirable products to attract customer (e g more iPhone like products) War by definition is destructive and counter-productive.

  6. There has never been a government or people more undeserving and ungrateful of American diplomacy and economic generocity than the government of CCP/china and the ignorantly depraved mainland Han Chinese populous. TRADE WAR NOW!!!


  8. Any western government that wants to protect its own industry from overseas competition with Tarrifs, could actually do so without Tarrifs, and instead protect those same industries from itself instead!!
    You know, by reducing the costs of doing business that are caused by the government – fees, licensing, taxes, and all kinds of other expenses that the overseas competition does not have to pay as much or at all to their government.

  9. With a Moron American President, US power & influence is melting like snow on a sunny day!! With Europeans In virtual economic & geopolitical Coma, it will not be long before the west will be meat for China & the rest of the world to devour!!

  10. No word about China being the worlds biggest dictatorship with very poor human rights? That would be only the reason I would limit trade with China. China is the biggest threat to humanity right now.

  11. Not enough smart people to deal with China, Clinton thought engagement will bring China to democracy, instead it became a monster.

  12. The reason is simple, you got paid $15, they got paid $3, you got 2 days off a week, they got 2 days off a month. You got half of the population against Trump or government, they have 95% of the people against USA,they have no opposition voice or go to jail. They dig deep hole on earth to fill the industry waste into it. As long as you don't stop the unfair practice of Chinese practice USA is doomed.

  13. this fake prosperity is created by printing money debt and low interest rates, this is a boubble and the us economy will collapse

  14. America needs a army of Amazon Women "Trumps T&A Team is cuming"a throurh their dessing rooms with strick inspection

  15. Fuck off with your totally bias hit piece China engages in a lot of unfair protectionist trade practices itself. Go watch China Uncensored for the REAL story. Many countires have also filled many complaints against China with the WTO over its unfair trade practices.

  16. These tariffs are directing Indian steel and aluminium exports heavily. Well if you want to go to an economic war with China, why not increase imports from India. It's almost as cheap as their products and (in few cases like steel) even better.

  17. China has been manipulating their currency for years to be the world's factory. We enjoy cheap goods at the expense of jobs. They enjoy a near fully employed workforce but don't make the money needed to buy their products.

    It's a net loss for both sides.

  18. The problem is with the national spending, not China, when do people realize this? US spend too much and export too little? Even if, US force China to less export it would mean that US will have to pick up more import from other counties such as India or Vietnam, as long as the people are spending and consuming then deficit would not go down as people are still spending money.. They say they could produce it in the US.. US are in FULL EMPLOYMENT!! it is in the news! if you bring jobs back then who would work there? and those are low paying jobs that people doesn't want to work in.. Wall-mart has problem recruiting people.. you are talking a labor heavy Industry.. I am not really getting why people don't understand this.. US need tech jobs from Europe not production from China! Tech jobs pay better and people are more willing to find employment.. US can keep on shifting blame but as long as the economy and spending happens then US will always be in the deficit.

  19. China is stealing our wealth. We have to do something. The weasel that made this video is just a pussy, he only wants instant results and doesn't care about the long term health of our country. If we do nothing then we will lose everything. Thumbs down for this progressive left propaganda video. What a foolish understanding of trade.

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