USA News

USA Updated strategy report USA military to defend international law Breaking News 2015

USA Department of Defense Updated strategy report says USA can use military to defend international law Breaking news 2015

June 2015 Breaking News Russian Threat forces USA to begin providing heavy weapons in Baltic States

Putin Speech New World Order NWO threats of World war 3

Rise of ISLAM bible prophecy current events soon coming Antichrist

United Nations Israel Speech ISIS ISIL HAMAS Hezbollah terrorism failed Iran Nuclear talks

War against ISIS ISIL Gates former Defense secretary says Obama will need boots on the ground

Rise of ISLAM bible prophecy current events soon coming Antichrist

ISIS ISIL Caliphate ISLAM plans world domination Sharia Law current events bible prophecy last days end times final hour news update PART 8

Rick Warren False teaching CHRISLAM Sharia Law Terrorism Part 2

Terrorist Expert explains Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to dominate world

2014 Breaking News Muslim Brotherhood teaching Sharia Law in USA schools k-12 indoctrinating the USA youth – Rick Warren Chrislam involvement End Times Last days final hour news prophecy update

Islamic Republic seeks world domination Last Days news

Muslims convert to LOVE christianity worldwide Last Days News

False Teachings Rick Warren Gay People go to Heaven – Last days news

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen allows Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to carry false teaching Rick Warren Material

Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days

Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

Texas Islamic Village Linked to Extremist Group in Pakistan

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  2. About time the US let's Russia know that their constant aggressivness towards smaller countries may not be tolerated for long. Eventually someone must call out a bully and confront its actions toward the weaker less able to defend themselves! Putin is a bully and takes advantage of the weak! But we are AMERICA and we are strong and mighty! We can stop any bully if we so choose so Putin keep us in mind.

  3. With after watching the 1st video in line, war is close. That is if Putin actually pulled back 70k from Ukraine. Why would he pull that many back? Tach nuke launch or preemptive strike.

  4. ha ha ha ha the US military defending international law.. the word "Breaking" was wrongly placed in the sentence…. get it?

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