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USA Today Editorial Board: Trump ‘unfit for the presidency’

Host of ‘Watters World’ Jesse Watters weighs in

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  1. I believe the elites are building bunkers regardless of who wins…… If Hillary Clinton wins there's going to be a revolution and insurrection, and if Trump wins possibly the same thing from the other side. America is divided pretty evenly and when a country is divided the country Falls.

  2. "Welcome to our world"

    No thanks, I'd rather be in the real world.

    "I don't think endorsements matter that much…"

    Then why are the morons attacking it?

    "I think it helps Trump"

    Not in the real world…just in the world where Faux Noise misleads their poorly educated viewers.

  3. You hear what the UN just put out on twitter about stopping Trump? True!! Look into… Globalist/Progressives getting real nervous
    End the UN! Let's shut this USELESS bunch of Socialist and Communist down. Let them move their opperations to Germany or Iran. We have NO need to be contributing to this out dated group. TRUMP SHUT THESE GUYS DOWN. Save the tax payers millions. Re-use the buildings for something useful.

  4. This editorial castigating Donald Trump as a political misanthrope has totally missed the point of the mood most of us living here today. Missed it so badly that there is probably little hope that elites will ever see the reality before this whole house of cards crumbles in on itself.  Our economy is in shambles, unemployment is at record highs, the national debt is sinking us to crush depth, our borders are open sieves, our cities run amuck in chaos, our dedicated law enforcement officers are targeted and fear for their lives, the government's executive administration lies to us about nearly everything, We have a Justice Department from which we cannot obtain justice, and the legislative and judicial branches have given up trying to fulfill their obligations under the constitution. But you think Mr. Trump is a bad example of what's needed to lead America today?  Elitist's like you are so enamored with your own opinion that you have lost touch with the reality of our situation. What makes you think that selecting a solution to our problems by using the same old pabulum – a cookbook politician that will hold the course of your Titanic straight into the iceberg?  The time for a change is long past. Get on board or get run over.

  5. Thank you! That is correct anyone with just a little BA in economics and ZERO elected government experience is entirely unfit to be President, he's a complete moron.

  6. "All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed."

  7. u ever opened a bottle of cheap perfume that filled the room? the stupidness floating around these people that call themselves a "board".reminds me of that

  8. Still waiting for a lot of elites to actually all go bankrupt and never collect a welfare check and sit in the streets and beg.

  9. Gannet the parent company outsmarted the FCC to get around the DOJ hurdles for the acquisition of Belo in 2013. They are not fit to own so much media and flaunt the laws of the land. They way USA Today treated its workers in Wisconsin is hypocritical.

  10. People don't like hearing facts… If they see anything that goes against their preconceived notions they go elsewhere until they find a comfortable echo chamber.

  11. The more the Entertainment Media protests, the more we like Donald J. Trump for President. Keep it up Junior High kids.

  12. USA today backs pedocrat kiddy Diddler Joe biden over a man that is attracted to an actual woman… Pedocrats are lower than dried dog crap and usa today is used for the same reason, to pick up dog crap lol!!!!!!

  13. Lets see who the freaking Board of "Wreckers" are on USA YESTERDAY–What a bunch of Globalists "Has Beens"and "Never Weres"

  14. This is for people that are in High School and College Students, please don't thank about being A News Reporter because all lie about everything they say. All the hard work will be wasted that your parents did to teach you not to lie.

  15. If you somehow managed to get around his Nationalist, religious face, you’d be stuck with Pence, a charismatic Catholic. These people are on some twisted Crusade to make church and State one. Kum ba freakin ya!

  16. Degree in Liberal Studies can be used as preparation for several different careers. This is where Liberal Snowflake brainwashing and programming occurs, education dollars at work while Socialist teaching faculty sit back and ""Laugh while they hide behind the students they programmed"".

    In Psychology ,Editor,Journalist,Publicist,Political Policy Analyst,Social Services Human Reltions Officer.

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