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USA Today Breaks With Tradition, Rejects Donald Trump | MSNBC

For the first time in its history USA Today has decided to take a side in the presidential race. USA Today’s Bill Sternberg discusses their decision and Trump’s reaction.
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USA Today Breaks With Tradition, Rejects Donald Trump | MSNBC

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  1. "USA Today Paper now not trusted", USA sales now will decline, the silent American majority ( Silent no more ) no longer trust much of the press. They try to make the news instead of reporting it. This mistrust is well warranted, USA Today paper just threw under the bus anyone that disagrees with one candidate over another. Trump in this case and anyone that agrees with much of what he say's.
    Americans are well inform on candidates by there speeches and rallies they listen to as a whole, on there views. Whether it be Hillary, Trump and so on. Even if they are not 100 present politically correct. Snippets on a individual is dishonest and outright wrong, yet this is what much of what the press does. USA Today and any paper or news organization that would throw 40 to 60 present of the American voters under the bus can not and should not be trusted.

  2. How will the Arizona , Dallas and USA Today lose readers?? We all know trumpanzees either  didn't graduate from HS , can't read and if they can are limited to following story lines in comic books. After that all they can do is say "Me want banana" and "Orangutan good".

  3. Amazing all the economic experts here predicting Trump will cause another recession. You guys should have ran!

  4. I'm not a Trump supporter by any measure, and I think his campaign is a huge scam that's gotten out of his hands. But the idea that a supposedly objective journalistic entity would take sides in an election is beyond comprehension. It strikes me as bizarre, too, that newspapers endorse candidates in the primaries.

  5. Hillary has bill Clinton by her side in fact ithey don't want a female president in the White House like they didn't want Bernie sanders in the White House because he is Jewish

  6. The Devil you know vs the unknown. Trumps a wildcard, with an unorthodox style, and funny hair. Hillary wants to depopulate the earth and sold weapons to isis. And while we fight with each other over viewpoints, we stay distracted to the real problem. The whole thing is a stage. Presidents are selected not elected. Don't let them fool ya.

  7. People have the right to support whatever position they choose, regardless of popularity. The job of the media apparatus is to report the facts, not to fabricate them, distort them or pushed in whatever direction the "sponsors"/ donors and contributors of mainstream media believe is best for the general public. In one of Hillarys email the DNC calls reporters "opinonators". They could care less about reporting truth.

  8. At this point everyone who gives any of these mainstream media, alleged "news" outlets any credit for doing anything other than serve oligarchy and foreign interests must be viewed as either the most moronic of US citizens or enemies of the state. Neither of them should be allowed to vote and the latter should be placed in FEMA camps.

  9. We the Trumpper's Trolley Trailers Deplorables will show up at the White House on Nov.9th. Either to celebrate or protest a rigged USA huge fraud

  10. MSNBC are Trump's Jew haters. You thinking that a whole lots of thousands of Trump's lovers care less about unredeemed Jews USA Today or MSNBC misinformation network has to say? Really. You are the ones we are after. Stupid

  11. The CEO just admitted they were libertarian. The rich people are all upset at not being able to control the presidency. The media is political, they will do anything to keep the only person they can buy, Hillary in the equation.

  12. They're throwing as much dirt at Trump as they can, but their efforts will prove fruitless….my prediction is he will be the next President. If the Democrats cannot rig the system Trump will win. Lets face it, the Democrats were able to let Clinton cheat in the debate, they were able to get something over Comey regarding the email and Benghazi investigations, so there is a chance they have the goods to rig an election, but it's whether or not they will be able to under such public awareness of their deceitfulness?

  13. Why don't you take a closer look at Clinton, the Butcher of benghazi. are you going to support her? when she is done with the 2nd amendment she will be coming after the 1st amendment as well. Your all a bunch of idiots, all educated and no common sense.

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