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USA NATO Turkey Syria Kurds ISIS ISLAMIC state WAR Breaking News 2016

USA NATO Turkey Syria Kurds ISIS ISLAMIC state WAR Breaking News 2016

Breaking News NATO Islamic Muslim Turkey Slaughters nonmuslim Kurds kurdish people February 2016

USA allies Saudi Arabia & NATO Turkey greatest threat to world peace Breaking News February 2016

Global Financial Instability End Times last days news update Breaking News January 28 2016 Dow Jones 15,944.46 Down 222.77 points

China Russia Iran Saudi Arabia Egypt Alliance Breaking News January 20 2016

Will Christian Evangelicals vote for Donald Trump 4 USA President Breaking News January 20 2016

Breaking News January 20 2016 Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President

1-15-2016 Breaking News Iran releases USA prisoners Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, Pastor Saeed Abedini and others in swap for USA Iranian prisoners Breaking News January 15 2015

USA National Guard Boosts Presence In Flint Michigan State of Emergency To Aid Water Crisis President Barack Obama signed an emergency declaration Breaking News January 20 2016

Mixing Human Animal DNA Trans humanism chimera Cyborgs Designer babies Last days breaking news 2016

2016 labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA

2016 Chem Trails HAARP weather manipulation Global Warming

2016 Breaking News HAARP CHEM TRAILS weather manipulation worldwide

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  1. Turkish terrorist government probably pay mercenaries to stack the military base to use it as a excuse to continue with their support to terrorism in Syria

  2. 17 million Kurdish people are living in Republic of Turkey. They are our brothers. Turkey is protecting and supporting North Iraq Kurd's called Peshmerga which they love us. The problem is this extremist outside support like Russia as of today's situation, sneaking from Northern Iraq border and blending original Kurdish population. Syrian war make it easier for them to come in like refugee. Turkey feeding 3 million refugee. There is no chicken farm in the world feeding 3 million chicken. Who is paying? Who is paying the expenses Turkey. Still no thank you. When you take the AK – 47 and run against any legal government better be ready die. Do you think if 17 million unhappy Kurdish people sits home and watch TV. People need to read more about Kurdish population. PKK destroyed "YUMURTALIK PIPE LINE" a week ago. No news. But now they cut the only income source of North Iraqi Kurdish population called Peshmerga. They can't they own salaries. Suppose Iraq government help them. They said no. Millions Kurds in pain. What type a united FREEDOM fight for free KURDISTAN is that with harming your own people.? No worries Turkey will help them like always. SO WHEN YOU BLAME TURKISH GOVERNMENT BETTER BE KNOW WHO GOT KILLED.

  3. i always knew that , the so called ATTACK in TURKEY was fake, kind of sacrifice… to get an excuse to invade SYRIA… the bombing is just an inside job of TURKISH secret service. pro-ERDOGAN dicks

  4. putin invading other countrys to keep the russian minds off how he is destroying russia from the inside with his criminal gang.

  5. Whether you like it or not ,,this war is heading straight to a world war 3 ,just look at how many cases of war ' happening all over the world , for example Asia , Europe ,Middle East & Africa attacks are happening everyday even though NATO ,UN and SADAC  are trying to keep a blind eye & push plugs into their ears these attacks are taking place ,now they have started turning refugees back ,why are they not trying to find out the cause of  this influx  refugees…

  6. good luck to the beloved Kurdish people
    You deserve a large country that will contain all the 35 million you,
    A state that will also be established in Syria, Iran, Turkey …
    Everywhere there are Kurds there is your right to the state,
    Long live the great Kurdistan that will gain independence in all districts,
    Inshallah God will be with you

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