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USA Homegrown Islamic Terrorism or NOT? Your thoughts – Breaking News December 2015

USA Homegrown Islamic Terrorism in California or NOT? USA Obama White House doesn’t think so – Your thoughts – if it walks like a duck looks like a duck quacks like a duck it is a ??? Breaking News December 2015 UC Merced College knife stabbings in California Knife Infitada Stabber Had Islamic State Flag More evidence of jihad in the California knife intifada. Law enforcement sources said the UC Merced jihadi was on a TERROR watch list and that the college was WARNED of the threat. The voluntary state-run media is censoring the Islamic motive of this gruesome attack

San Bernardino Islamic Terrorists Targeted NONmuslims Breaking News December 12 2015 San Bernardino Terrorist Targeted Messianic Jew

Breaking News December 11 2015 Global Terrorism ISLAMIC Jihad or NOT? Your thoughts??? Muslim leader from known terror group CAIR Council on American Islamic Relations tells CNN America bears some blame for terror attacks

Donald Trump BAN ALL MUSLIMS from entering the United States Breaking News December 7 2015

Donald Trump BAN ALL Muslims from USA Full Speech Breaking News December 7 2015

USA President Barack Obama Full Speech REJECTS San Bernardino Mass Shooting Islamic State ISIS ISIL DAESH ISLAM connection rejection Breaking News December 6 2015 Obama looks to defend handling of Islamic State that in his words has no relationship with ISLAM and WE must embrace ISLAM

Farook Mass Shooting San Bernardino California,contacts USA MN Minnesota ISLAMIC STATE recruiter & al Qaeda connections Breaking News December 7 2015

California Mass Shooting 14 dead San Bernardino Breaking News December 2 2015

Terrorist Malik pledged allegiance to Islamic State day of mass shooting Breaking News December 5 2015

USA Terrorism Mass shooting 14 dead San Bernardino California Breaking News December 2 2015

Mass shooting San Bernardino California leaves 14 dead one gunmen down Breaking News December 2 2015

Breaking News November 13 2015 Jihadi John Beheader ISIS ISIL DAESH Killed USA Drone Strike

RAW Paris France Terrorist attacks 120+ dead Breaking News November 13 2015

ISIS Islamic State claim downed Flight 7k9268 Russian jet Egypt UK Britain USA officials think so Breaking News November 2015

Flight #7K9268 Russian plane crash in Egypt UPDATE breaking News November 2015

Metrojet Flight #7K9268 Russian jet broke up at high altitude Egypt Islamic State Claims responsibility says shot down airliner Breaking News November 1 2015

RAW: Footage ISIS Claims Moment Shoot Down Russian Plane Flight 9268 in Egypt

Russian Airliner crash Egypt UPDATE Investigators search wreckage Breaking News November 1 2015

Raw Russian Plane Crash Egypt

RAW Egypt Russian jet broke up mid air Breaking News November 1 2015

Russian plane crash in Egypt UPDATE Investigators probe crash site Breaking News November 1 2015

Russian Plane Crash Egypt

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  2. You won't hear Obama talk about this because it can't be spun to take your gun's away from you. Like Kurt Russell said "what ya gonna do, ban everything?"

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