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USA Breaking News National Guard Flint Michigan State of Emergency Water Crisis January 20 2016

USA National Guard Boosts Presence In Flint Michigan State of Emergency To Aid Water Crisis President Barack Obama says disaster area signed an emergency declaration Michael Moore says racism & poverty issues Breaking News January 20 2016

Mixing Human Animal DNA Trans humanism chimera Cyborgs Designer babies Last days breaking news 2016

2016 labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA

2016 Chem Trails HAARP weather manipulation Global Warming

2016 Breaking News HAARP CHEM TRAILS weather manipulation worldwide

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  1. There is no money for flint all goverment money is for immigrants, military, and entitlement programs. Obama just let 200,000 syrian refugees come in. And remember all those Mexican immigrants came in last year on those trains. They all need food housing and medical. Also usa donates billions to foreign countries that hate america.

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