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US woman seduces man with machete; USA makes list for worst country for women | Breaking News

The USA is now number ten in the top worst countries for women thanks to the #MeToo movement, American men are so horrible to their women, maybe Sharia law will save us? Also, a woman uses a machete to force a man to have sex with her, but it’s not rape!


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  1. Every single year I get more and more turned off women. If they aren't accusing you of things you haven't done and getting your fired from your job because your eyes happened to be pointing in the wrong direction, they're literally raping you at knife point and getting away with it. And the worst part is that men keep making excuses for them.

    It's as if overnight half the population suddenly turned into sociopaths and the other half turned into self flagellating sycophants. Where the hell did we go so wrong? Have humans always been this insane?

  2. What happens when a girl with AIDS/hiv forces a guy to have sex (yes guys cocks do get hard involuntary 6 times a day) … Will it be considered at least rape then?

  3. Males get raped all the time when their foreskins are cut in infancy. You don't know the meaning of rape if you deny this!

  4. This sounds like a "California" problem to me, I don't fucking know about you. Maybe we should balkanize their state and then kick it all out of the entire fucking union like I've been campaigning for a decade

  5. Brian you did kinda miss represent Rogan because he said the walk it off and suck it up as a joke following it up with saying that it is the same thing if a girl does it to a guy. Which is wierd cosiderig before he did say it was different so e contradicted himself.

  6. Every time I hear if a woman drinks then has sex it is rape, makes me think there should be a law making it illegal for women to drank. They clearly cannot be responsible for their actions when they drank. It not even a blaming the victim type argument, if a man gets drunk and has sex, it is not consider rape.

  7. this is like a fucking teenager whining how crappy her life is and threatening to run away because her parents wouldn't let her see a movie. "but saudi arabian women are allowed to see late term abortion: the third trimester"

  8. Hilarious Joe, Dave, hilarious. "Oh you got pinned down by some man who then took advantage of your vagina and fucked you. Congrats you got laid, you even got wet and had an orgasm, you clearly enjoyed it and thus wanted it."

    Worthless little hypocritical twats would NEVER say something like this, so why the double standard?

    Btw, to the few retards out there who don't understand biology: Your body can't judge between sex you wanted and sex you did not want, it can only react to stimuli. If someone's raping you your body only understands that intercourse is going on and that it needs to react accordingly. You WILL get hard/wet and you are even likely to have an orgasm from it as that too is simply a reaction your body is SUPPOSED TO MAKE.

    The bodily reaction to intercourse has no bearing on the person's willingness, or lack thereof, to go through with it. None whatsoever.

  9. MGTOW, only way to survive. Let the world burn until people start trying to find answers. Nobody is going to accept them until things get far enough. It's sad, but that's what it is.

  10. Gulf City Streaming has been demonitised because someone supposedly owes child support even though he's taking care of the kids. Thought you might be interested.

  11. Controversial opinion: Given men and women are different physically, mentally, and socially, the effects of rape are different based on the configuration of genders.
    Not saying it's not bad, but maybe less bad of a feeling psychologically and physically to be a man raped by a woman.
    Woooo wowooooohohohowohowoh. Seriously that's one of the most dickish things I've heard Rogan say :"dude you got laid" effin', fuck riight off there.

  12. Hey, you’re looking for someone to defend Ho Jokin, don’t look over here. I again, piss on Joe Rogan: I, again, want to make sure he knows it.

  13. Please update us when her case goes to court. I'd like to know if rape charges are added later on. The article implies they might be added.

  14. Joe Rogan is a piece of shit.

    Hey Joe: come tell me to my face that men can't be raped by women. Come to Montana, Joe. Come talk to me.

  15. If someone crams food in your mouth when you feel sick – congradulations you got fed. lol. What an arse hat.

  16. I like Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin however… Saying a man can't be raped by a women, and that it's actually a gift, is beyond fucking retarded. I'm not only disappointed in Joe, but Rubin for not pushing back on that and passively agreeing instead.

    It's bad enough that rape is defined as a penetrative act, leaving victims who were forcefully enveloped excluded. But saying being raped is a gift is an exceptionally shitty way to grind salt into an open wound.

    What if she had an STI, STD, or God forbid HIV? Is it a gift then? What about if she concieved a child from this? How about we swap the sex. If a gay man forcefully envelopes another gay man?

    FFS this isn't a difficult thing to grasp…

  17. Joe is without a doubt 100% wrong on the topic. I'm shocked, I think he knows he's full of shit but doesn't want to go against what most people think. Any respect for him just flew out the window…

  18. The only time I've heard people actually apologize for rape is when its against men or boys, and most often when committed by women.

  19. Joe Rogan definitely is the type of jock with a massive ego who shames men who aren't successful at the "dating game" and much worse for those wanting to avoid women altogether as they're not worth the effort and much less the risks involved.

    I've never liked his style and the fact that he truly thinks way too highly of himself, so the Dunning Kruger effect personified.
    So fuck him.

  20. You can spell RАРЕ in the video title, just replace with same looking Russian characters АРЕ А–ah P–re Е–ie.
    Thats how ІSІS has been fooling the youtube algorithm.

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