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US TV journalists shot dead on air – BBC News

Two journalists have been shot dead during a live TV report in the US state of Virginia, their employer confirms. Alison Parker reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Alison Parker, 27, were killed during an interview in Moneta, Bedford County, the TV station said. During the live broadcast, shots could be heard, sending the reporter and the person she was interviewing running. Police say they are investigating the incident and still searching for the suspect.”We do not know the motive. We do not know who the suspect or who the killer is,” the station’s general manager, Jeffrey Marks, said. The attack took place at 06:45 local time at a large shopping centre, Bridgewater Plaza, near Smith Mountain Lake.

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  1. MEANWHILE in the USA since 9/11:
    3,006 die from Islamic terrorism.  
    RESPONSE? Violate USA constitution, abuse international human rights, start wars, mass torture and surveillance.
    200,000+ die from Gun violence. 
    RESPONSE? murica.

  2. The main problem with America is gun control there is so many gun shops over there they sell ever kind of weapons to ever nutter who comes in asking to buy a gun or automatic rifles so many wackos can easy get hold of a gun over there.

    Americans have full of psycho over there with guns killing innocent civilians so easy to buy a gun over.

  3. What an unimaginable fucking useless retard lunatics are walking around freely with weapons, it's really incredible, only a couple of countries are normal

  4. More information is coming in. They've identified who it was and they say it's a former employee of the station. upset because he was fired. SMMFH.

  5. More information is coming in. They've identified who it was and they say it's a former employee of the station. upset because he was fired. SMMFH.

  6. It was #BLACKLIVESMATTER activist Vester Flannagan aka Bryce Williams former announcer for the same tv station, who felt he was laid off for racial reasons He was found dead in his car off rt.66 evidently shot himself. A pistol, sawed off shot gun, and Black Panthers, and BlackLivesMatter liturature was found. He was recently visiting relatives in Ferguson, Mo.

  7. Thought of something like that before but I thought about terrorist doing something wrong like this.

  8. As a Texas born US citizen, I am ashamed and appalled by the way both state and federal law makers consistently show cowardice when it comes to taking on the almighty NRA (Neanderthal Redneck Assholes). For many years I have heard variations on the slogan, "America. Love it or leave it." I only wish I could.

    The US government is designed by the rich, for the rich, and of the rich. The Republican party has an incredible ability to get morons to vote against their own best interests. They need only to throw out a few buzz words to get their bigoted christian base all riled up and the billionaire's party wins again acting as though it has a mandate to continue with slavery, global destruction, killing for oil and diamonds, and every sort of evil you can think of.

     I wish the "God,Guns,& Guts" crowd would put some of their time and energy into creating a fund for the"leave it" crowd. I would love to move to a civilized country, but I cannot afford to. I am financially ruined because of medical debts that I wouldn't be able to pay off in several life times.

    Our Democratic party is not much better–especially where gun control is concerned. I al say that "The Republican party is for the greedy and the stupid. The Democratic Party is for the greedy and the naive."

    America: Whether you love it or want to leave it, just make sure you are well armed, after all according to one great warrior of the twentieth century, "Happiness is a Warm Gun." –Mister Misanthropy

  9. One guy who calls himself ICH LIEBE DEUTSCHLAND (ILD) wrote several hours ago —

    "Another violent crazy black animal murderer thinking with his emotions instead of his brain. The black race is so animalistic barbaric. Makes you want to start believing in evolution and that they did evolve from apes."

    I have two tests for him or anyone thinking like him who reads this. The first test is for him to replace the word "Black" with "Jew". The second test is to replace "Black" with "Arian". Hopefully, these two tests will help him see how twisted he really is when he looks at himself in the mirror; how like Tono in "THE SHOP ON MAIN STREET" he is.

    If we decide to use race as the yardstick, this shooting, the shooting of the 9 people in the African American church in Charleston, the shooting of the three people with Muslim names, the shooting of the children in the Connecticut elementary school, and on and on, would be the more intelliigent way to determine which race, if any, is the more "animalistic". This shooting was done by one man twisted by his perception that he had been discriminated against by the victim because he was gay and black. If a black person whom he thought was homophobic to him were present, that person would have been shot as well.

    So, did the shooter shoot his fellow journalists because they were white? No! Does ILD's rant demonstrate "brains"–superior intellect? Let him answer that himself. But if the finishing line in the race to become "human" is brains, we are lost. The Id is the animal, the ego is the brains, and the superego is the moral man–human.

  10. I don't want anyone to believe that guns in America are just sold to anyone. They are not easy to buy. There are background checks, you cannot have a felony record, and you have to have a license and a permit for which to carry a concealed gun, which is also not easy to get. Most responsible Americans only have guns for hunting game in this country to feed their families. I don't know one person who owns any automatic weapons except for the military. A tragedy like this only fuels mis-conceptions and should not be what this story is about. An unstable person took two people's lives because he was just that, UNSTABLE. It is senseless and tragic and no human will ever be able to make sense of his actions. I am just terribly sorry that these innocent people were involved and paid the price for his psychosis.


  12. Check out Peekay22 videos before youtube take it down.
    The shooters video and the camermans video are filmed at 2 different times. Not filmed simultaneously.
    Also my 'crisis actors' playlist shows Alison with her REAL BOYFRIEND!
    If you think this is a real shooting,eo, you need to stop trusting peadophile networks like CNN and BBC.

  13. The peadophile network also known as the BBC get their information from CNN who are an AGENCY of the US government. NOT a news channel!
    Who actually believes these peadophiles and their lies?
    This fake shooting has been PROVEN to be a fake using simple science and logic!

  14. This reporter "Richard" is lying.
    Any trained expert on body language will tell you what constant nodding of the head and smirking in between questions means.
    He cant believe hes taking the public for a ride the treasonous bastard!

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