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US threatens to punish Russia & Germany if they continue playing with gas

Washington has warned that proceeding with the Russian-led gas pipeline project, aimed at bringing natural gas to Germany’s northeastern Baltic coast, could result in sanctions for those involved.

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  1. HA HA…SANCTIONS!? Germany can look after and self preserve on it's own. It doesn't need Americas help. If anything America needs Germany's technology and brainpower.

  2. with what sanctions? US don't have any tools to do this. US is just protecting slowly dead petro-dollar system

  3. Right like trump said “” we put America 1st” which is great but also let other countries put them self 1st and it doesn’t matter if USA think if it’s right or wrong for other countries to do whatever they fuck want too!!!

  4. So now Mr. Sanctioner is threatening Germany? What a freaking joke! Man, this madness can only come out of the United States of Weirdos.

  5. Oh, the good ol' Uncle Sam. Never does it change, always the same fucking hypocrisy, telling sovereign nations what they can and cant do. Time for US to fuck off, world has gone so sick of its shit.

  6. As a Russian, I have nothing but deep contempt for those who are trading Values for money and are thus playing into the hands of the gangster regime, which has privatized Russia and militarily attacked Georgia and Ukraine, threatening other nations too. The Munich Pact seems to have taught the Europeans NOTHING. Thanks to the US for standing up for Freedom. The US is the world's only hope for Freedom and Democracy. The europeans seem to care only about their own pockets, many putin-verstehers being directly financed from the Kremlin. They pretend that the Kremlin gang is a legitimate partner, rather than a gang of war criminals like Assad. And the thrust of the Ruscist propaganda is to prove the Marxist false point that all and any actors care only about money and power. This is the world they assert. They want the whole world to live by their gangster might is right and money first rules. Is this the world Europe wants to build or sign up to?!

  7. American sanction list, I could miss someone.
    Turkeys been threatened
    Palestine funding pulled
    North Korea

  8. After sanctioning the whole world…………. Only option remians is u own…………. Then america willl sanction america…….. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Dont do it Germany. IMF AND WOLD Body is going to crack down. Think about it. Gas is so 2000s .. We will beam WiFi mircorwaves to heat your home with atomic jittering action

  10. Germany has been bypassing sanctions on Russia for a long time. The Pipeline goes against the European Energy Security policy, yet Germany appears to be forging ahead without so much as a squeal from Brussels.

    Clearly the EU is not United, and clearly it is possible for a member state to work in their own interests, outside of its European neighbors and fellow memberstates interests.

  11. Well when china/russia nuke the shit out of usa the rest of the world will understand why.. Usa is making quite a spectical of its self
    … Ever since bush all the american presidents have been pure retards putting usa into the ground

  12. Why is America in everyone's business.? They are picking at every thing happening in other countries. Nk, Russia, Syria, China, Germany, Iran, Mexico etc. If these countries decide to unite and attack, they'll 'll be in serious trouble. Not even the great America can cope with that.

  13. How many enemies does America want to make? So many countries hate them and yet they keep creating more enemies. They are forgetting that these are strong countries they are messing with, not flipping Afghanistan. So far they have managed to piss off Russia, China, Germany, Iran, nk, Syria and the list goes on. Chillax trump or soon, America won't be great any more. Jeez

  14. Why not Germany, Russia, plus other EU countries be more proactive and boycot USA selected goods and services? It takes two to tangle.
    The whole world will join in solidarity against a shameless big bully that no one can trust anymore, that speaks gibberish and thinks it is wisdom, whose leadership is marked with is fickleness and who thinks the US Presidency is synonymous with a reality show just to get applause and praises from the crowd as a measure for personal success and public acceptance.

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