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US Strike On Syria Will ‘Significantly Impact’ Future Chemical Weapons Programs | NBC News

Pentagon officials detailed the U.S. strikes on Syria in response to the recent chemical weapons attack saying that the missiles “crippled” the country’s chemical weapons programs.
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US Strike On Syria Will ‘Significantly Impact’ Future Chemical Weapons Programs | NBC News

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  1. Are the Americans going to give up there chemical weapons? All CHEM WEAPONS COMPOUNDS SHOULD BE DESTROYED AS USA IS THE WORLD TERRORIST !

  2. I've read hundreds of comments about this attack and I am yet to find one that is "pro" the attack. Don't politicians get it that the world is sick and tired of wars?!!! Over USD140 millions on missiles wasted, instead of using it for the benefit of humanity.

  3. About those 'Nice, New, Smart' missiles and the 'Chemical Weapons' sites in Syria. US launched an impotent attack on non-existent Syrian "chemical facilities" Damascus has praised Soviet arms made in the 1970s, which were used to repel the missile attack, carried out by the US and its allies. What will "significantly impact" the future of the Middle East is Russian HARDWARE. A 60 to 70% air defense success rate against incoming missiles is stunning. More countries will now be able to buy and receive state-of-the-art Russian air defense equipment. Future interferences by the U.S. as well as Israeli strikes against Syria will become significantly more risky. When Syrian receives the S-300 systems it will have the reach to detect and attack any Israeli plane flying over Lebanon. Israel has often used Lebanese airspace to attack targets in Syria.  It will soon lose that luxury.

    Peace 😁

  4. dude at 1:28 is lying. You can tell by the way his mouth twitched to his left side when he tried to lie. Also, I watched missiles being intercepted over Syria….so yeah, the air defense worked. This is classic propaganda to fool the American people that the strike was successful, but the T.V. has run the same video of a building "somewhere" in ruins and a blown up bus. Loped and looped on every channel. Fake. Open your eyes

  5. Its an criminal act . The bombs fly over the eu that brings eu in danger that is a crime at it self i do not feel safer because of that action!!!

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