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US set to hit Russia with new sanctions

President Trump is set to place new sanctions on Putin for his continued support of Assad after U.S. airstrikes; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon.

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  1. Good luck with that Trump I don't think the man who helped make you president is going to do a damn thing you tell him expect nuclear missile soon because Putin has balls unlike you

  2. I love how people seriously take their time to comment their opinions on YouTube political videos it's a waste of time and accomplishs nothing like this comment though it took no thought

  3. You people have to understand that Trump isn't in power there is other people telling him what to do and say, no one wants war except the rich people so they can make more money,

  4. Pffft we couldn’t even and still can’t even handle poorly equipped militants and shepherders in Iraq or Afghanistan who has no tanks, navy, or air force.. And we are going to take on Russia and China? LMAO 😂. This isn’t a laughing matter but son of a bitch.

    I thought Trump was going to drain the swamp? It’s as full as ever…this is why I don’t vote and why you are a dumb motherfucker and part of the problem if you are a democrat or republican instead of an American!

  5. Super! 105 missiles launched, only 3 buildings destroyed. Precision weapons at its best. LoL

    Maybe all 105 missiles were shot at those 3 buildings, so keep em coming old boy!

    Congrats to Russians and syrians for thwarting the missiles thrown at them, now we see who has the upper hand.

  6. I hope that the United States get something going, and then i hope Russia is the country that finally puts america in their place, once and for all…… Vladimir Putin is an extremely clever and influential man and why anyone would fuck with him is a mystery! If anything did start. I would more than happily be on Russia's side.

  7. "Iran is a national threat to American interests." Not "American security"… but … "American interests". Interesting wording that probably belies the truth that they don't really want you to know.

  8. oops. turns out putin dosen't want any more sanctions. so, his lap dog in washington has put the breaks on the sanctions. and the slimy gop is going to once again let putin make military decisions for amerika. yea amerika! USSRA, USSRA, USSRA!

  9. Trump is Putin's bitch and he can't sanction Russia. Putin will give up some Trump secrets…."May be or may be not"

  10. white caucasian russian girls are so soft , smooth and pretty .. me and my sons went to russia and bought white caucasian russian girls from their poor russian parents and then we married these girls and brought them to India and kept these girls as our sex-brides .. me and my sons used to have severe and hard sex with each of them very frequently .. the beauty of all the girls soon got lost due to severe and frequent hard sex .. the girls then looked like weak , sick , old and ugly ladies .. they gave birth to some children .. two among these children are girls and they are white , soft , smooth and pretty , just like their mother's .. we kept this two children with us and we have hard sex with them also .. one of the children died as she could not bear the severity and we dumped her body in a marsh by the side of river Jamuna in Delhi . The other girl child soon become mentally sick and we promptly sold her to a brothel owned by one of our relatives who just like us also have strong connections with the political elites of our great country .. in the mean time all the remaining children were sent to orphanages .. among the russian sex-brides one died due to illness , one committed suicide , and the remaining russian girls were strangled and murdered by us and then we dumped their bodies in river Jamuna .. we then went to england where we did the same thing with some white christian english girls and we got great cover from some high ranking politicians and rich businessmen of england whose ancestors originated from India .. now we are planning to go to america to revive our sexual adventure and pleasure by doing the same things to white christian american girls who are also soft , smooth and pretty .. we are confident that we shall get great cover from some high ranking politicians and rich businessmen of america whose ancestors originated from India .. we don't feel guilty at all because white christian europeans brutally colonised India for centuries and now it's time to take brutal revenge on all descendants of white christians .. what can the white christians do ? just watch and cry and die .. Jaii Hind

  11. We keep sanctioning russia for "aiding" assad, meanwhile israel bombing syria even when they're not firing at israel. So is Saudis killing innocent people in yemen but America keep aiding both those countries. Unbelievable with the hypocrisy


  13. It is time for Putin to stand up to these assholes and defend its country or soon what happened to USSR will happen to russia.

  14. Remember the weapons of mass destruction the bush administration warned us about?. Are we still playing this game?.

  15. Why on earth is Trump so afraid of Putin? Makes no sense. Russia is a Sh*thole country. Its GDP (google it ignorant) is 1/2 of our one state of California. Russia isn't shit, yet Trump is scared of them. Why?

  16. Oops Trump is screaming bloody Putin – Haley has now pissed of the Liar Dolt45 sociopath on Sanctions of Russia – how dare her?! She didn't get the White House propaganda and LIES straight before going on the tube/news.  She'll be waving good bye next. To get from a basic accountant to UN Ambassador is beyond any "normal person's" comprehension.  Love watching the Ladies take this perverted predatory crime boss down – Be American and flip away on Crooked Donnie, Nikki.

  17. Russian enterprises and currency are starting to fail under the pressure of low energy prices and trade embargoes. It will accelerate the flight of wealthy Russians and Russian skilled workers who will emigrate in search of a better life. Russia needs those people to keep the economy going. The county is full of geriatric pensioners who love Putin. During USSR years Moscow could prevent young Russians from emigrating, by treating them as traitors/enemy agents, but now they are free to leave when they want.

  18. Get Ready…Get Set….Go… Sanctions on Russia? No, throw Nikki Haley under the bus and bend over backwards for Russia and slap ourselves on the hand for even thinking about sanctions on Russia. "Nobody's been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump, that I can tell you." Nikki Haley for President, Trump for jail.

  19. We are happy to accommodate business between US, UK and Russian Business people. Sanctions only apply within their limited Jurisdiction and do not apply to all countries

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