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US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Unveils Next Steps On US-Iran Policy | TIME

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unveils next steps on US-Iran policy, following President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal.
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US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Unveils Next Steps On US-Iran Policy | TIME

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  2. Iran's regime has to be completely decimated and replaced by an international governing body. There is no way the current regime is going to stop doing more evil in the world. Think about your children and their future! Do you want them to be hostages to this barbarian criminal blood thirsty backward regime?

  3. Finally USA made us feel America save the world again and help us from the terrorist regime a strong man stood up against the terrorist regime who’s Intervenes in Arab countries and killing Innocents people and all who says NO for their intervening by their militias such as in Syria standing with Assad and Iraq with isis and Lebanon with hezb allah militias and with the houthies militias in Yemen by giving them ballistic missiles to attack DUBAI and SAUDI . They don’t even speak our language I really don’t know what they want from us, they say death to America and kill us they don’t want us to have any relations with the US the leader of the world Unfortunately they don’t understand that !!!!! If that will not stop them I’m sure that war will begin against them by us the Arabs we are done from there actions against us everyday

  4. We are now in the 17th year of the "war on terrorism". While the West has crushed the secular regimes of Iraq and Lybia and nearly destroyed Syria (I'm aware that none of these regimes were legitimate or democratic), the biggest sponsor of Sunni extremism and terrorism – Saudi-Arabia – is left without harm. So now is the turn to Iran…
    I'm disgusted. Saudia-Arabia seems to pay good salaries to its minions in the West…
    The whole "analysis" of Pompeo is a lie, confusing reason and effect. After 9/11 Iran cooperated with the US in Afghanistan, because the Taliban/Al-Quaida were enemies of both states. It was a possibility of further cooperation and a possible peaceful agreement between the US and the Iranian Republic.
    With the declaration of the "Axis of Evil" in 2003 and the attack of Iraq the Iranians were forced to play a destructive part in Iraq to prevent an attack on its own country.
    The genocidal aims of IS in Syria and Iraq forced Iran to help their Shiite brothers in Syria and Iraq – which is fully understandable. If the IS would have won, not only the Alevites, Christians and Kurds would be killed, but also millions of Sunni would have died during IS-caused famines because of the Khmer-Rouge-Thinking of the IS . Everything was better than a victorious IS/Daesh.
    As a Westerner I long supported the US politics. But now – I have to admit – the West is going in a completely wrong direction.
    If you side with clerical-fascist Saudi-Arabia, you will always lose – in the long run.

  5. Yemen? Civil war. Syria? Civil war. Israel/Palestine? Technically… civil war. Bahrain? Uprising. Iraq? No longer exists. Afghanistan and Pakistan? Heroin. The only point of commonality between all of these is Iran. Divide and conquer. Everybody knows what Iran does out here. They may not have nuclear weapons, but they are far from innocent.

    Irani quality of life has not correlated to their increased economic power. Notice how he really doesn't say anything about nuclear weapons in the first 5 minutes? Instead, he lists every geopolitical endeavour of Iran in its distant neighbours. After Iraq, I don't think Netanyahu is fooling anybody that they are actually nuclear capable. This is just about Iran's meddling in just about everything, which really needs to stop.

  6. from a 28 years old engineer who is looking for a job for 5 years now and changed to teaching English I totally support this speech telling to others around the world DON'T TRUST IRAN POLITICIANS BUULSHIT

  7. Death to these NEOCON interlopers in American industry and government. Support of Israel an apartheid dictatorship terrorist State against Palestinians in Gaza will not stand. Death to the NEOCON interlopers in American industry and government who best war drums against Iran while supporting the hand-chopping, throat slashing, body decapitating desert oil oligarch terrorists of Saudi Arabia. They will not leave peacefully. Those destined to hang will not drown

  8. Supposedly Mike Pompeo is a Christian, unlike many of Mr. Trump's appointees such as "Mad Dog" Mattis and Gina Haspel. But to be a real Christian we should "follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.' "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." I think Americans, Israelis, and the whole world should be aware that there is still a God up there who considers this world his and as the Bible says in the book of Zephaniah He will one day judge the whole earth with fire. I think it's getting close. "Heaven and earth shall pass away." "Seek meekness, seek righteousness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD's anger."

  9. As an Iranian I’m proud to see we are standing against ZIONS, You have thousands of nuclear bombs ad missiles same as Israel, who the hell are you to make rules for the other side of the earth ?
    Jusst 2 things for tou
    1- keep dreaming
    2-Jewnit State of Israhell go hell !

  10. I think he gave natanyahoo a Bj. Thats because his lips sound of natanyahoo. What should we call you pompii? Natangoogle now. America first my ass. Tell trump that he is one big liar 🤥

  11. There was NO backed Iranian militia when you attacked Iraq, there was no Iranian militia when you attacked Syria… US has created all this problems in the M. East…. US needs to stay home and take care of Americans, 5 million homeless, 20 million without health care etc…. Stop feeding your warmongering machine and stop being pissraels puppet… Pissrael is your downfall…

  12. If you truly cared about human rights your allies would not be Saudi Arabia and Israel. You cant say we care about the Iranian people and the harshest sanction in history in the same sentence. I hated the islamic republic goverment until i saw you Rudy Giuliani and Jon Bolton cozzy up to a well known terrorist oragnazation called Mojahedin Al Khalgh MLK or their new name Iran resistance. I mean not just cozy up giving speaches and promoting them. Its like i have a cut on my fingure and your cure is to inject me with HIV virus. You really think Iran lasted 7000 years falling for cheap tricks like that.

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