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US President Donald Trump announces to stop all aid to Pakistan

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  1. Donald Trump has made a very true and timely statement because pakistan is the epicentre and safe haven of terrorism. Jai hind.

  2. This news is more entertaining and satisfying than seeing Pakistanis pretending to earn a good impression for themselves. Faad do in salo ko.

  3. hey lisen every one keep i loved (PAKISTAN) because its my country/MOTHER LAND/ and ONE more important THINK IS that i am muslim and the ( trump or Drum) he is mother fucker when they get problem they ask for help if some one else say some think or another country shout on them then they make(PAKISTAN TERRIRSOT) in the real they are bigger just mother fucker no think ealse i am proud to be PAKISTANI NO ONE CAN TUCH IT I WILL FUCK HIM WHO WHO TUCH PAKISTAN

  4. At 5:13 She says "33 saalo me 15 arab dollars" instead of "15 saalo me 33 arab dollars"….. 😂😂😂😂
    I'm like–" Bhai kyu chhen rae ho in garibo ki bheekh ye sare anpadh to ainvayi Mar jayenge"😂😂

  5. Pakistan ne Laden ke naam pe kyi billions of dollars le liye aur Laden ko apna jvayi bna kr apne mulk mei chhupa kr rkha, pakistan ne America ke saath double game khela.
    Bahot bda gdaar aur dhokhebaaj mulk hai pakistan…

  6. AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama president also elected Donald J. TRUMP president. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world have accepted this. In four years TRUMP will be replaced, if America opts for a change! This is how it works in the free world. The alternative to a free world is a Dictatorship! Thanks to all for reading these views. Thank you for your positive support! Pease do your own research!

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  7. 1:34 Pakistan's help to America is nothing in comparison to what America gave to Pakistan. While America is trying to get rid of terrorists in Afghanistan Pakistan is giving them shelter.

  8. It’s really funny when India talks about terrorism
    India is the only country with an extremist prime minister who was banned from eu and uk due to terrorism charges

  9. President Trump has balls, he says what millions of ordinary people think, Pakistan is guilty of double standards giving lies and more lies to USA and Europe, they support terrorist and help in the drug trade from Afghanistan
    Pakistan has to get reality test, no more double standards no more illegal activities no more assistants to jihadist,
    There is something rotten in Pakistan

  10. i like the way indians are showing respect to pakistan and then they are calling themself educated country shame on you

  11. India Tum logon ki tou cricket mein bohat bisti Hoi thi. Apna bootha band kar lo. Pakistan is the best. Pakistan zindabad😀

  12. phli bat k sarde bharti tato apne apne gr chlo dosri ye k tmhare papa trump ne acha jock mara h us k loye hm ne kmeti dali h jb niklegi to lelena hahaha

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