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US military strikes Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities

Multiple U.S. warships have been deployed to the Middle East; Jennifer Griffin shares latest details on the military action.

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  1. 65 million + times since Roe V Wade Liberals have proved the 'innocent and defenseless' of the world do not matter…….why would they care about these people being gassed? They don't.

  2. WHY??? They do NOT know IF! there was a strike, and WHO did it???? SO Trump is listning to the war mongers, a BIG dissapointment…

  3. America will bomb the s*** outta you , then take your s*** then leave the village looking like a tornado came thru

  4. USA struck at chemical weapons research facilities.I think the research is probably on hard drives in secure locations When you destroy chemical weapons doesn't it disperse the dangerous gas into the air?

  5. For what would Assad use chemical weapons? He already won in Douma. And he doesn't need to give reason for the us attack. Why does no one remember that the rebels and terrorists in Syria have chemical weapons?

  6. Well thats just fucking amazing, considering that Assad turned over all these chemical stockpiles. And The UN verified this. As well as one UN official resigning in protest during last years chemical attack inspection, do to the evidence if a false flag being covered up

  7. Just recently saw pentagon briefing –

    Well, I will not tell you that Syrian and Russian military reported. Let's say- who cares … right?
    So, we listen to AMERICAN GENERAL who provided info with numbers:
    We all launched 105 missiles ( 105!)
    We shoot 76 missiles on target #1, where 3 buildings were destroyed
    We shoot 23 missiles on target #2
    And shoot 7 missiles on target #3
    Anybody in the first grade of the school – tell me sum of 76 + 23 + 7 = ?
    That's right! It will be 106
    Hey, general McKenzie – where is the TRUTH? 105 or 106?????
    Shell we continue?
    Another math exercise.
    General McKenzie with 3 stars 😜 said:
    US warships launched 20 + 7 + 23 missiles
    French aviation launched 3 + 9 missiles
    US F-15 launched 6 missiles
    US bomber B-1 launched 9 missiles
    U.K. airplanes launched 8 missiles
    So – another task for first grade in the school – how many missiles were launched?
    Well, 20 + 7 + 23 = 50 – by US navy
    3 + 9 = 12 by french aviation
    6 + 9 = 15 – by US aviation
    and we remember 8 missiles launched by brits
    All together – 50 + 12 + 15 +8 going… going… going up to 85!!!!
    My question to general – how possible to believe you, that Syrian army launched only 40 antiaircraft missiles and didn't destroyed any' or how to believe you hit all targets "precisely " – if I cannot apprehended – it was 105 or 106 or maybe 85 missiles ????

  8. Trump is becoming a Master of Smoke Screens! He doesn't give a hoot about the people of Syria! It is always a distraction that is costing American's Million$ of Dollars. Last year it was 57 Tomahawk Missiles fired, and last night it was 114 at a Million Dollars each! So it is okay with trump if Men, Woman, and Children are blown to bits by conventional weapons, but don't use chemical weapons? It is a CIVIL WAR! Either go fully in, or bow out! Putin is backing Assad so he will have full access to the Mediterranean!
    Much like Croatia and Russian Navy bases on the Black Sea.

  9. Russians couldn't defend Assad even with s400s on the ground, pitiful
    These drunk Ruskies are on vacation in syria….

  10. Stop fighting start talking. The Chem attack is fake news by globalist Islam…get out of Syria and do nothing.

  11. If you bomb a chemical weapons depot wouldn't you see chemicals being released. I guess proof is a thing of the past.

  12. Terrorist Fake chemical attack and US failure attack!…Nobody think that a military force need 105 cruise missile tomahawk ( 500kg warhead) to destroy 5 small building and a ammo depot…..just 9 or 10 is enough!….so the main targets were Syrian air bases around Damascus and Syrian air defense( with Russian advisors) shot down 72 of them!….look at Photos showed by Pentagon….dont needed 105 cruise missile to destroy that small target!…remember Shayrat air base…then it needed 59 cruise missile to hit around 22 bunkers, 10 ammo depot, 5 fuel depot, 6 buildings-complex and parks!

  13. The US has over 7000 nuclear warheads. The US spends 600 billion per year on its military that’s more than the next 10 countries combined. Russia alone has over 7000nuclear warheads. The US or Russia could destroy the planet on their own they have enough weapons to do it . If you all want Armageddon then press the fucking button and let’s get it over and done once and for all. No more wars no more poverty no more starvation No More Mankind. Better start pressing those buttons chaps. Let’s end it all in 2018.

  14. Chemical weapons? Are there real proves? Or Is it just a simple excuse to attack Syria??? I won't be surprised.

  15. Fake chemical attacks or not, Even if some other country or regime was behind the attacks,Syria has still has chemical weapons, and if you have them there is a chance you'll use them. So take out the ones we know about first and until someone else uses or admits and refuses to surrender there illegal weapons. Then and only then will we use force to disarm illegal war weapons from the ones who posses them. I don't think putin will attack the US over us firing tomahawks at chemical targets inside Syrias border, attacking the USA would open a can of worms that no one is ready to finish. Putin may send weaponry and supplies into Syria but with out trained soldiers, Syrias regime has no chance. Russia won't send in soldiers and China won't send soldiers only supplies and weapons. So it's a losing war to begin with. Break the routes into Syria and block there backing allies supplies. Without a constant supply of weapons and war supplies the Syrian Regime will either surrender or die maltrition or from suicide. It would end and end fairly quick. If Putin did attack or China attack it would end eventually and end in many people dieing on both sides, and China would be destroyed as it's known now. And Russia would be severely devistated and France would not be the same and UK would if not ravished completely then fraid ti shreds, The USA would be rocked and would still stand, but will definitely have broken bones and bloodied, we would end up being the last ones standing or able to stand not without injury or regrets, Regrets that the only way that would end this war and put all enemies, and allies in our places would be a Nuclear attack that does more damage than wished but the wars would end. Or Trump and Putin bang it out in a tennis match.

  16. Provoking Russia again …Trump is gone Mad …..He is old and he realy dont care what destruction this will cause …Mans animals and the Nature everything will b destroyed..

  17. Trump is a jew shill, he is working for israel NOT America. Both his daughters have converted to jew, he only a week ago claimed we were pulling out of Syria, guess he didn't get permission from israel?
    Want to know what is going on here, just look into Greater israel, that IS the answer to your questions.

  18. Seriously people, why is our nose in the Middle East? (Israel) We have all commodities we need, close our borders, stop all trade, take care of our people. Keep our money in our country, take care of our home. Let each country do the same. WE DO NOT want WAR!!! Restructure our government, it is an embarrassing JOKE, but I am not laughing!! Perhaps our homeless and mentally ill would then have appropriate focus!

  19. These places are empty because there are no chemicals there. America is just making more misery for a country drowning in misery!

  20. The proof of chemical weapons facilities consists of a dozen coffee cans, concealed in a basement, which could have been used some day to contain chemicals! And that's about as good as the evidence gets. Another false flag operation. Trump is either a true Gemini or has been compromised. Really makes no difference, his assigned agenda is the same as it has been for the last half century. Trump is a Zionist globalist… showing his true colors. This time though it's about oil in the Golan Heights, and Israel expanding into Syria.

  21. The whole middle east must be piles of rubble…….the weapons work…..oooops we killed some folks….but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED….YAY we must be great again!

  22. EACH Missile Is Worth $1.4 MILLION and they fired 102 Of them in many reports,Some say 92..Anyways whtvr the amount $100 + MILLION AND 90% OF THEM GOT SHOT DOWN by Syrian and Russian Anti Missile defense guns..WTFOOK MAN! !Crazy!!

  23. AS Much as I don't Care about ASSHEAD..I DONT THINK HE GASSED HIS OWN PEOPLE Who voted for him by Majority..That makes No sense at all..IV heard that a REBEL Group Used the Chemical Weapons on these people..ASSHEAD Had nothing to do with it..NONE OF us seen him or anyone do it..Did we now??NO We didn't..OUR SOURCE IS THE FAKE NEWS..

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