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US foolishly gave Pakistan more than $33bn. No more: Trump

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  1. Countries receiving greatest total foreign assistance
    1. Israel: $199.5bn
    2. Egypt: $121.6bn
    3. Vietnam: $118.9bn
    4. South Korea: $77.6bn
    5. Afghanistan: $76.9bn
    6. United Kingdom: $71.5bn
    7. India: $66bn
    8. Turkey: $64.4bn
    9. Iraq: $64.3bn
    10. France: $64bn

    It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan received most of the military assistance from the US during the superpower's involvement in Afghanistan during the 1980s and then after 2001.

    The US non-military aid to Pakistan for the period 1991-2001 averaged just $75 million per year, while the total military aid during the eleven-year period was a paltry $7 million.

  2. India will stop indus water. IMF will refuse Porkis anymore loan. China will not help them will a single rupee. Now Porkis will suck Modis cock for some money and will sell their beautiful anchors to Indians

  3. Ehsaan faramosh?
    Why the fuck do you beg for money?
    How are they liable to fund you everytime? Isn't 15yrs enough?
    The ties between US and Russia have improved. So Pak is pretty much screwed.

  4. 2:36 अबे पोर्की गधे . जब सब लोग पोर्कीस्तान पर इल्ज़ाम लगा रहे हैं तो इसका एक ही मतलब है कि………………..पोर्कीस्तान सूअरों का मुल्क है .

  5. People are not idiots. You have to control the terrorists. Otherwise, the general public of Pakistan will have to face a lot of trouble. You do not feel innocent by blaming India for everything

  6. India is big market for u s if it's giving aid it's earning double the amount from Indian market without Indians and Indian market America is zero if we show our middle finger you can't survive

  7. Trump talk the same about Mexicans they are rapist , against Black,against Global warming,against Muslims, tweet Jesus is a looser ,call American war Hero Looser, call women to grab them by KITTY ,who think he is in the right mind ,calling to take action AFTER north Korea will Nuclear attack on USA NO preemptive strike

  8. President Trump must attack on Pakistan that is the only solution to victory, peace and stability in Afghanistan. love to Trump

  9. Alberto Pinto ko ghussa kiyon aata hey. As the saying goes, fallen from the donkey but fighting with the owner of the donkey. In this case donkey is taliban and owner of the donkey is Afghanistan not Pakistan. 😃 😂 😁 😀 😅 😆 😈 😲

  10. Only choice, Xi jing Ping Ka Ling chooso only choice. CPEC ka naam badalne se ka hoga, tum Paki toh rahoge toh RANDI hi, America ho ya China.

  11. Pak corrupt government nawaz zardari , have robbed its own people and allowed IMF, World Bank and USA to gang rape pakistan since 2001… they going to come full force to destroy pakistan as pakistan corrupt government will always remain the puppet of the USA

  12. pakistan ek pass do choice tha "America" ya "Hafiz", unhone Hafiz ko choose kiya.
    isliye, america ko bura lag gaya. Waise history dekhe toh America ne Pak ko support kia India ke against war mei.
    So, as a Indian we don't blindly believe in America.

  13. Randi bool rahi hai….ki Qurbani diyaa hai….Ha ha ha ha haaa haaa haaaaaa……
    Buggers have played such a dirty game with USA, now crying victim……

  14. Steve Bannon was right.
    Before leaving his job as a strategic adviser to President Donald Trump on Aug. 18, Bannon said in a defiant interview that “there’s no military solution [to North Korea]. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes … there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

    Yet nuclear armed Pakistani cowards rulers are so scared of America. Stand up to the mega bully, USA, and tell them what will happen to American air-base at Bagram, also to their base in Bahrain, and in other Middle Eastern countries. That is the only language they understand and respect.

    Pakistan should end diplomatic relationship with ENEMY USA, ruled by AIPAC / ISRAEL, and refuse any cooperation with America. ENOUGH truly is ENOUGH.

    No other country has suffered as much as Pakistan has ever since they chose America to be friends with in 1947/48. Yet Pakistan is still being abused by Jewish-controlled, owned American politicians and rulers.

    Trump and Pence, both declared 'ISRAEL-FIRST' traitors, have brought the 'Fall of the American Empire' much closer, with Russia / China / North Korea and Pakistan to target this AIPAC / Israeli-ruled 'MEGA TERRORIST ENTITY' on this earth.

  15. I know some crazy people from pakistan. They are wery proud of Pakistan for hiding Bin Laden for years. And as I understand, Pakistan is getting more and more conservativ. And of course the status familys and clans get, having a relativ in europe, is quite hi. They just love sucking money from naive european states. Stop this madness. Let the pakistanis try to live and survive with out western money. Stupid and lazy people.

  16. Long time ago parvez mustafa accepted on TV that how Pakistan army cheated and used US for money and other side they keep good relation with Taliban. Pakistan just cheated Us for Money. So many Us solider was killed due to Pakistan.

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