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US Deploys Aircraft Carrier in The Philippines after South China Sea patrol

✅ Top Stories Today – The U.S. military has deployed the third aircraft carrier this year to patrol the disputed South China Sea, where Washington has criticized China’s military buildup on new man-made islands.
The 97,000-ton USS Ronald Reagan, carrying more than 70 aircraft, anchored in Manila Bay on Tuesday after plying the strategic waters for meetings between navy officials of the two countries and liberty for its thousands of sailors after weeks at sea.
Two other American carriers earlier patrolled the waterway, where China and five other governments have been locked in decades of disputes over territories that straddle some of the world’s busiest sea lanes. Some areas are believed to have undersea deposits of natural gas and oil.
China has reportedly deployed anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, electronic jammers and other equipment on islands it built on disputed reefs in the Spratly Islands, and landed a bomber aircraft on Woody Island in the Paracels, sparking alarm among rival claimants and the United States. Washington has no territorial claims in the region but has declared that freedom of navigation and overflight in the waters is in U.S. national interest.

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  1. US navy has been patrolling for past two years and nothing happen. US navy is scared of attacking the islands.

  2. Please explain this to me China is the manufacture of the world,To get their goods to the world they want the South China Sea open. What if China would ever close the South China Sea there would be no Walmart, no electronics, no iPhones ,no computers Do you think this is what Chins is trying to do?.Or do they want a strong economy.China's economy is manufacturing, America's economy is the military-industrial complex and war. Please explain how they are blocking the seas. America on the other hand has over 1000 basis throughout the world, Such as the Azores, Iceland, Cuba, Puerto Rico In the Atlantic. Look at the bases in the Pacific Hawaii, Guam, look at the big base in Diego Garcia.If I am not mistaken we have big bases in Okinawa Japan, Korea Along with a permanent US aircraft carrier in Japan.All of this is very confusing to me.Please think of this if China had a fleet of aircraft. How would America feel if they would keep them off of the West coast of America?

  3. U.S. is a bully so as China !! But China is NOT Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other countries that the U.S. gov't./military can easily penetrate. As for now, all these crooked U.S. politicians & their supporters (Zionists & narrow-minded old farts) can do is whine & whine and squeeze their stories on their MSM's making it as if they're the innocents. LOL

  4. Usa can send all your aircraft carrier china is not afraid and can sink all of them.
    Even a short ultimatum for any invasion to leave before nuking them is enough .

  5. Communist china has a Internet Fire Wall inside china. Certain words, phrases, terminology, historical documents are ALL banned. Tiannemen square massacre banned. The communist GenocidE of OVER 50 MillioN innocent Chinese, erased from history(.) Mao Zedong aka Mousy Dung, was breeding like a rat. Mousy Dung had over 50 little child like rats, hidden away in rat infested communist china.

  6. Lets not forget those underwater platforms that China is either building or has built to track submarine movements?

  7. Closer and closer we move to war for the corporate elites. They want a war to keep open those shipping lanes so they can keep making money. So working class don't go fight this war because it is all about keeping cheap labor to manufacture stuff. This has nothing to do with us and will profit us in no means.

  8. China should first lure the US armada into the South China Sea and then unleash the DFs as perfect gifts.

  9. A Chinese sub will try to surface among the Amercan ships and show off it can outwit  the Americans. But noisy Chinese sub will be detected and watched as if US salors have not noticed but its cavitation noise will be duely recorded, analysed and shared among alies. As I undesrstand the Chinese military is stil not 100% under the party control and may try to do something to impress two governments.

  10. The American Navy can patrol all the sea for nothing. The Super Carriers and the warships will be breaking down by themselves.

  11. America is the only hope for small countries that is being bullied by China, open your fucking eyes, look at the fucking map of the 9 dash line the Chinese are claiming theirs, it is right at the economic zone of Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia

    Malaysia is 1200 miles from the nearest land of China, Brunei is about ta 1000 m, Philippines, about 750 miles and yet fucking China is claiming the SEA of this countries that is 200 miles away from their shore.

    In 1988, China' navy and marines muscled and massacre Vietnamese soldiers holding on a little piece of land near Vietnam, they blow them away with machine guns and artillery, China claimed it their own, which is 1000 miles away, this Vietnamese were equip only with rifles and pistols. (watch it in youtube (china massacre vietnamese 1988 ) Since then china's big coast guard ships harassed, rams and prevents other small asian countries on fishing on their own nearby economic zone.

    Look at it this way, what if your mother fucking neighbor, a bully, who lives a block away from your house tells you to get the fuck out of your yard because he said it's his, what are you going to do? For me and most people, they wont give a shit if this escalate into a bloody war, this is a fight of survival, they are helpless, defenseless, and hopeless, and got nothing more to lose.


  12. Bullshit, what is the big deal? Mydick is larger than yours? How old are you? China warships patrol the pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the sea of Japan and the Mediterranean Sea as well. Who cares?

  13. Think about it people, if we go to war “IT’S US PEOPLE” that will suffer! Not the government’s of the world! We better learn to get along with each other!

  14. Most wars in the world are caused by US prejudice, arrogance, ignorance and selfishness. Don't you think Americans have no bottom line for their interests?

  15. WTF what the hell are USA up to?
    Invading in USA national interests …..oh please ..they're trying to goad China but China are a very patient people. USA itching for war again…. Maybe India, Russia & Japan should park there in their national interests.

  16. Excellent Decision World President Mr Trump Bcoz the Chinese is no1crazy see what happen invade the whole island to put militarization and install missile and chemical facility it's dangerous treat to our neighboring country including Philippines please we're request to guard our freedom of navigation free for all see that Chinese COMUNIST terrorist country

  17. Good job!let's see if there any commotion..will see if China is though enough. .the sea is international water?RIGHT! nobody's own it..ok!

  18. Why does some Chinese supporters think it will be a fight between the USA and China + Russia? The Russians are like the rest of the world, they don't trust the Chinese. So if you are Chinese and think you have an ally in Russia, then you will be quite wrong. China doesn't have any strong allies, and day by day they lose credibility because of their greedy actions against smaller nations. And why is the US in and around the SCS. Well don't you know that the US have many allies and defence arrangement with those nations, and some of these nations happen to be bordering the SCS. China is digging a grave for herself unless she vacate the ocean called the SCS, which belongs to no one, but some nations have EEZ in the ocean, including China, but that only stretches 200 nautical miles from China's coast line, not 1000 n/miles. The Brits, France, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the USA will destroy China as quick as a rat up a drain pipe. So China apart from being blown to dust, they will also risk losing all these countries as customers as they will ban Chinese imports. So Chinese supporters, think about the consequences, and don't think it is a war between China and the USA only.

  19. All American presidents started wars somewhere in the world not just Trump. I'm not crazy on Trump but he has inherited a hell of a mess from previous USA governments.

  20. Forget th US aircraft carriers or th US Air force, arguably th greatest Air force in th world w/ th only operational stealth fighters & bombers. Th fact is: 1 ohio-class ballistic missile submarine armed w/ 24 trident missiles can literally reduce china to ash. & thers 14 of thes submarines in constant deployment probably escorted by virginia-class attack submarines. But then agen, they don't even hav to be in th SCS to launch their ICBMs in less than 15 mins flat from time of order to strike. Th advantage of US military over China is technology thts 20+ yrs ahead & SIGNIFICANT combat xperience.

  21. Propaganda won't win you a war! They claim they have this and that, yet they're flying Russian aircraft and using an old carrier the Russians no longer saw as useful. Yes, they have numbers… but mere numbers means nothing. Not to mention, they're ill equipped and are forced to serve. They'll run like a shit house rat, when the light is turned on, once they start to see what a real military is capable of.

  22. …who is building artificial islands ?
    And why ?
    To bullying smaller nations?
    That country is the "troublemaker".
    As far as I know it is not S.Korea or Japan or the Philippines or Indonesia or…U.S.
    So who is it ?

  23. The Chinese know that the United States has helped China
    Know general Donald
    The Chinese also know the destruction of the world by the United States
    Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, grina, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Sultan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    What is the right of an American to do this?
    The United States can kill and destroy everywhere with all kinds of excuses.
    For me, all human beings are equal.
    Because Americans are selfish and greedy, because Americans are lazy and ignorant because of Americans' arrogance and prejudice.
    They do not know that 200 years of prosperity is just a flash in the long history.
    They do not know that all things have a process of reincarnation.
    They don't know that life depends on matter is empty.
    Do Americans have a conscience? NO
    I despise such a civilization 。

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