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US-China trade war is easy to win: Gordon Chang

“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang discusses why the U.S. would win a potential trade war with China.

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  1. Does anybody remember Harold Camping? He predicted the end of the world again and again, finally got impatient and went to see God in person. Haha! Gordon Chang is just like him. Of course when it comes to spewing hatred of China, credibility isn't required.

  2. Trump will face election and Xi does not need an election. Trump has to be transparent. Xi can block all negative news from the trade war. Trump will lose the war because of democracy.. For many Americans, it is a good thing to see Trump loss.

  3. Trump is a White Supremacists bully that thinks those China people are stupid when in fact Trump is a crook and conman that running a scam,!!! Look at the Trump foundation corrupt piggy bank.

  4. Let's be honest. The only credentials he has is his Chinese face. No one really listen to him but they just need a Chinese face to show that the reporting is "fair." "See, even that Chinese guy think we are right."

  5. Do people know China imports MORE CHIPS THAN OIL? Each year, China imports over $100B worth of chips from US. Now China is full force in chip development. The whole country is snapped into attention. What a strategic mistake made by Trump.

  6. China, Mexico, Canada the UK + the EU must STAND TOGETHER and impose heavy sanctions on the 3 to 5 states where Trump's base is located.  They must use tariffs to financially and economically CRIPPLE, DEMOLISH, DESTROY, DESTRUCT and DECIMATE the livelihoods of the people who represent Donald Trump's wicked and evil base in these 3 to 5 states!!!  PLEASE HURRY UP AND DO IT BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS!

  7. The whole car thing is hilarious,it comes down to pollution issues with your cars and same with bleached chicken and GM foods. It's nothing to do with what country they come from

  8. Stop buying and throwing away all the Chinese made goods in your home! That’s will sky rocket the inflation and taxing everyone in the U.S! Smart Ass

  9. Gordon Chang wants the US to go bankrupt.China will cash in their !.4 trillion dollars in US Treasury Bonds .If we default ,no one will buy worthless treasury bonds.Or if China backs all its currencies with gold,the dollar will be worth less.

  10. Is it sad that he claims that US could win in a trade war? Define "win" first. And people all over the world will pay for this before we figure out what's the real purpose of this war.

  11. China has become fragmented and why it is necessary to fight trade with China.

  12. Trade war are esay to win. For China off couse. Thanks China trojon hourse and top spy. Byt president Xi is reserved a gold medal as a top spy of China

  13. It´s a joke, everybody unfavouably comment when Gordon speak, Fox always invite him to speak, very funny

  14. Trump isn't taking on the whole world at once because we have gone after the EU. Not directly, but when EU mistook Barack's unfettered cowardice for 'progressive leadership', this walked them right into disaster when Russia salvaged Crimea and, instead of doing anything militarily, Malik's lil bro hit them with sanctions and the dumb fuck eurotards did it too. So when Russia sanctioned the EU in response, that's actually when the EU died. They aren't attracting new states, quite the opposite, every investor has fucked off, they destroyed their own export market which also took their import market to destination fucked. EU is dead. They'll lose another state within the next two years, and then not even der spiegle will be able to deny it.

  15. Ok help me understand. You can buy low costs stuff in Walmart made by your friends in Bangladesh, Jordan etc already. You mean the non-important things nobody really needs? Aha, ok…where is the US selling their Boeing planes, high tech Apple stuff (usually assembled in China) or cars now? Let me guess, the only allies left: Russia and Israel? I guess the Chinese have to start buying European and Japanese cars and Airbus planes now?

  16. China will run out of U.S. goods to tax before we run out of China's goods to tax……because they sell more products to us than we sell to them (hence the deficit).

    Therefore, they will lose this trade war.

  17. If you are losing money in trade, it means you are weaker! Strong ones earn, look at Germany within EU (it dominates the whole Union). Strong one will ask everyone to open the door, only weaker shuts it.
    The same goes to a wall cannot stop Mexicans, they will take their land back, and yes no one can do anything about it.

  18. The US needs more and more some experts like Gordon Chang. 😏 China is losing to the US. I believe only can arrogant idiots lead the US to the hell

  19. This guy is a joke. I was wondering if he is just a pawn that’s place by the Chinese government to fool the US public and US government.

  20. Jobs opening 6.7 million, unemployment 6.3 million or rate 3.8. Why do we need to make the world mad to get more jobs that we can't fill. There are 50,000 truck driver opening and have be for over a year.

  21. USA company sold in china is more than 300b $,that never account into the trade number.China will surely add tax in USA company Apple,GM,MS,…

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