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US Can’t interception coming N. Korea NUCLEAR Ballistic Missile (ICBM)

US Can’t interception coming N. Korea NUCLEAR Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
What would happen if North Korea fires a missile at the US

BnTV channel today talk about usa, russia, china and nort korea today:


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  1. DEPORT ILLEGALS. ALEX JONES. EBOLA. AGENDA 21. To use illegals. Africans. That have plagues. Health officials report 1,300 cases of rare deadly diseases and plagues. Brain worms now in Mexico and every thing Africans have. Fleas test positive for bubonic plagues in Arizona. America will die from illegals. And Africans.

  2. I would BET a paycheck, that china is supplying technology and equip to nk, so technically china is testing their military weapons without getting in the news.

  3. Please do not try to fill the people when affirming this missile could have reached New York!  When a missile quits gravity it gets faster and faster speed. However when flying lets's say 125,000 feet high the missiles still submitted to gravity force. So the speed is much more lower. And as soon it drops by 25,000 feet its speed drop due to air friction. So I do not know how they make their calculation but it does not make sense. At the most perhaps (and I have a serious doubt) such missile could reach Hawai at the most.

  4. North Korea not only obtained the atomic bomb plan from Russia but also obtained their scientist support to reach the point they are now. And Russia' s President Putin says he wants more than anything peace. This is a real nightmare that Russia will sooner than later pay for. Such moron North Korea cannot be trusted by anyone, nor Putin himself.

  5. Here, also B.S. Even if the dwarf has that range with this new "15" missile, he does not have the technology to install therm o nuclear ("H") warhead on the vessel. Besides that, "15" are old Soviet rockets and fueling them is long and loud. System would give a warning if the fuel sound is picked, and countermeasures would be faster then the "attack" himself…

  6. Ha Ha Ha, Russia has missiles we might not be able to shoot down but Korea has nothing we need to worry about. Further we have over 6000 nukes that north korea can't do anything to stop, how many nukes does Korea have ? Not many, under – 10 I'd guess. Your a joke little man.

  7. Whole NoKo will be vaporize in few hours with 100 times bigger than Hiroshima. Nothing left North Korea. Interceing missiles is still helping his fat neck.

  8. "US Can't interception coming N. Korea NUCLEAR Ballistic Missile (ICBM)".
    You expect me to believe, or watch a video with a headline written by a 2 year-old?

  9. It's ironic the usa killed a million in Iraq on false pretenses and expects the world to believe them on one damn thng. And trump calls kim rocket man. I mean really. Who has 7500 rockets. Trump.

  10. Smh..The US has Advanced weapons so top secret, it would "blow the average person's mind". I guarantee the United States has figured out at a minimum -five to six different ways to counter any strike. And it doesn't look to me like Trump is taking anything lightly.. not at all😑

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