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US, Britain and France launch military strikes on Syria

President Trump, Theresa May and President Macron have confirmed that overnight American, British and French forces targeted sites associated with the Syrian government’s chemical weapons program.

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  1. Wow wouldn't want to be in France the UK or America at the moment if your going on holiday don't to any of them,,,ww3 might be about to kick of,,,

  2. Red flag for chemical attacks but the kebab shop down the road uses cheap meat … we need to raise standards.. finally something is being done ..

  3. Looks like ISIS got it self Air Support. It will make it harder for real forces to fight ISIS, well I'm sure Syria will manage. After all Syrians fighting advanced army but low intelligence. Stay strong Syria.

  4. America again Don't Lied ! America lead the murder in Syria.The murder of the Century.UK & France also not excluded your hand is tainted with bloods…same lied Iraq,Afghanistan,Palestine…your countries taxpayer also paying for the killings.

  5. Where are the "smart" missiles. 103 rockets were produced. 71 missiles shot down. shot down by an anti-missile system. produced in the Soviet Union in 1975. 17 missiles fell or exploded in the desert. Only 15 rockets exploded near the target. These are very, very "stupid" missiles. this is the army number one with the last place. America this attack cost $ 200 million, damage from missiles $ 200,000. it's a shame.

  6. Well one or two of our missiles got through and flattened these chemical sites….amazing no one was affected by chemicals or nerve agents! 👎👎👎🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  7. Put these idiots in a helicopter, May & Trump up front, and send them to Syria! As We The People Do Not Want This Pointless War!!

  8. Are not chemicals being sprayed on the American people daily in the form of chemtrails! Independent analysis of chemtrail fallout has identified many toxic chemicals including;

    Aluminum Oxide Particles
    Bacilli and Molds
    Barium Salts
    Barium Titanates
    Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells
    Ethylene Dibromide
    Enterobacter Cloacal
    Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)
    Methyl Aluminum
    Mold Spores
    Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass
    Nitrogen Trifluoride Known as CHAFF)
    Polymer Fibers
    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
    Pseudomonas Florescens
    Radioactive Cesium
    Radio Active Thorium
    Serratia Marcscens
    Sharp Titanium Shards
    Sub-Micron Particles
    (Containing Live Biological Matter)
    Unidentified Bacteria
    Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins.

  9. Russia and Iran MUST have taken AIR STRIKES AGAINST butchers American France and BRITAIN who have been involving against Syrian government

  10. "The thugs and bullies attacked in the dead of night", just as they did in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Waging war based on lies, deceit, and trickery.

  11. Guys don't worry, even if there will be WW3, nothing will kill anyone. Because my fart will cause global warming and kill 😄

  12. The so called chemical attack did not even happen sky news should be bought before the courts for lying and peddling lies!!

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