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US Army make school shooting simulator for saving lives

American teachers will be provided with a simulation to help them protect children in the event of a gunman entering a school. Since 2000, nearly one-third of mass shootings involved a school according to the FBI. This simulation has been created by Homeland Security and the US Army to help save lives. It allows users to see through the eyes of a teacher, pupil, police officer or gunman. This technology has previously been used to prepare soldiers for a war situation. The simulation can analyse what factors effect outcomes such as automatic closing doors. Report by Adam Page.

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  1. They should release this to the public because we also need to know how to react in this situations. And it would be a better training for the teachers if people play the shooters that actually know how to aim.

  2. They should make kids planning to do school shootings play the game so they don't do it in real life

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