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US And Canada Steel Execs Burke Byer And Scott Jones Face-Off On Tariffs | CNBC

Burke Byer, Byer Steel CEO, and Scott Jones, Nova Steel president, discuss the potential impact on both the U.S. and Canadian economies as well as their businesses should President Trump enact the proposed steel and aluminum tariffs.
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US And Canada Steel Execs Burke Byer And Scott Jones Face-Off On Tariffs | CNBC

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  1. Dotard Trump is like a child making mud pies compared to a pastry chef. Vlad is like his mother that he is trying to please.

  2. Byer Steel is absolutely right, communist government subsidy is absolutely what US needed nowadays. I love you, my US homie commie. One day, Russia and US will become one and communism will be a reality.

  3. "We hope all the facts are appraised." Well he's in luck because Donald Trump is a world-class fact-appraiser…LUL.

  4. China and Mexico didn't take our Jobs, the boards of directors of US corporations have sent our jobs overseas for 40 plus years to line the pockets of the stockholders! Screw America!

  5. This will help the 140,000 American steel workers, but it will hurt the 5,000,000 American manufacturing jobs.

  6. With tariffs you lose out on American exports and you get higher prices for consumers which is a double whammy on economic growth. Not to mention this ruins our political and economic relationships worldwide. This will hurt us in a lot of ways. And Donald Trump wants closer ties to Russia which actually is a poor country that hardly buys anything American made. And Vladimir Putin all he wants to do is play his little game of dictatorship and not improve the domestic economy of Russia so the people there suffer. Russia ruins its reputation internationally which leads to their economy still stuck in a crapshoot. At the end of the day everyone is taking off their eye on what really matters which is helping the people through various domestic agendas like improving education and fixing healthcare and cutting big government regulations that ruin economic opportunities.

  7. What would you do if you were President of the United States. Honestly we should all ask each other that question. How would you go about improving the lives of 300,000,000 citizens.

  8. 95 Thesis Against Trump

    1. Trump is bad for trade.
    2. Trump is bad for our international reputation as a country.
    3. Trump is controlled by the Russians.
    4. Trump is not making progress.
    5. Trump lacks focus.
    6. Trump lacks discipline.
    7. Trump is not educated.
    8. Trump does not have a plan.
    9. Trump has no experience.
    10. Trump has poor social skills.
    11. Trump is rude.
    12. Trump is obnoxious.
    13. Trump does not pay his taxes.
    14. Trump has shady business dealings with the Russians.
    15. Trump sexually harasses women.
    16. Trump attacks the mass media.
    17. Trump likes to play golf too much.
    18. Trump likes to watch TV too much.
    19. Trump doesn’t read any books.
    20. Trump doesn’t have any political experience.
    21. Trump refuses to listen to his advisers.
    22. Trump likes to watch conflict.
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    35. Trump does not get along with congress.
    36. Trump does not get along with Republicans.
    37. Trump does not get along with his wife.
    38. Trump only accomplished 1 thing last year.
    39. Trump wanted “fire and fury” on North Korea.
    40. Trump overspends vast amounts of taxpayer money going to Mar A Lago to play golf.
    41. Trump always has a habit of saying the wrong thing.
    42. Trump hates Mexicans.
    43. Trump wants a trade war with Mexico.
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    69. The Russians throughout history have not played nice with anyone.
    70. Vladamir Putin does not want Russia to prosper economically.
    71. Vladamir Putin likes to play dictator and doesn’t care about the people nor their well being.
    72. You cannot create economic prosperity out of government bureaus.
    73. “Where do you expect to find these angels to run society I cannot even expect you to do that.” Milton Friedman.
    74. Donald Trump is a pervert and a disease and a pest.
    75. This is why corruption is bad!!
    76. It leads to utter societal collapse.
    77. Corruption leads to slavery.
    78. And being sold into Babylon by your enemies.
    79. The Book of Kings.
    80. Great societies start with great morals.

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