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UP Local Body Elections Results: Clean Sweep for the BJP?

On Hum Log, a discussion on the recently concluded local body polls in Uttar Pradesh and the performance of the BJP in the same. Despite the very poor performance of the party in the municipal council elections, is winning most of the Mayoral seats a reason for the party to gloat over? Should the results be considered a victory for the BJP or the waning support among the populace? In the Uttar Pradesh local body polls, BJP candidates won 14 of the 16 Mayoral posts. However the party fared badly in the municipal council or (Nagar Palika) polls in which independent candidates ruled the show. [Audio in Hindi]

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  1. Modi Sarkar 14 out 16 and Dhongress BIG ZERO phir bhi Dhongress JEETI !!! Buss ese hi Congress Mukt Bharat ho jayega.

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