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Unique Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach While You Drive

If only we could take all of the time we spent in the car and use it to exercise, we’d be a much fitter nation. You can make those hours count for something; being behind the wheel doesn’t have to be time spent completely sedentary.

There are several abdominal-strengthening exercises that you can do while driving your Mercedes SUV. Pelvic, bracing and hollowing are three moves that you can do safely behind the wheel. `While doing these exercises alone you can’t get off six-pack ab that significantly improve your abdominal wall.


These exercises are not require any deal of concentration. It is really a good idea to familiar before try. “Driving under the influence of exercise” is not popular offense, but it is a safety behind the wheel.

  1. Bracing

Suppose someone give you a hard poke in your stomach at the end of a baseball bat. “Can you feel your middle contract and stiffen to prepare for the impact?”

Hold this as long as you can. Bracing helps to engage all three layers of the abdominal wall. It’s also thicken the abdominal muscles.

  1. Abdominal Hollowing

Abdominal hollowing helps to contract the stomach deeply into the lumbar spine. Exhale while initially moving Exhale and inhale slowly while you’re holding the pose. This exercise is also called as “stomach vacuum” and the “drawing-in maneuver.”

  1. Seated Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt exercises helps to improve your body postures and activate the rectus abdominus and external oblique muscles. First exhale while doing a seated pelvic tilt then press your lower back in the car seat by using your abdominal muscles.

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