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UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on FOX NEWS USA – December 2010

Leader of the UK Independence party Nigel Farage MEP is interviewed on FOX News USA about the Irish bailout and the emerging European Federal Superstate. Conservative PM David Cameron is slammed for giving in to Europe on everything, including allowing prisoners to vote

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  1. Well said Nigel ! What happened to:- Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, USSR, Kalmar Union (Scandinavia), British Empire ? They failed ! Belgium is coming apart. Why? It is in our nature to want to have our own Nation State and, to live with people of our own culture & language , the EU (EUSSR), is attempting to impose on us all a type of `super state` which the majority don`t want. The Euro currency is failing, now all we can do is borrow more money and hope `all will be well. The EU is a mess.

  2. @thedubdealer I don't think it's far right to speak up for your country. I think he understands how people are feeling about issues like the EU, and also about prisoners too. According to people i've spoken to prisons are sometimes a bit more like a break to these lads – they don't see it as punishment because they have too many rights.Everything's become a bit too soft now. Even the labour party talked tough when it came to crime, really tough.,. they just didn't do much about it.

  3. to coin a phrase,this real man,nigel farage,warms the cockles of my heart.if only our present and past politicians had the grit and the guts this man has,we would have our country back to its rightful owners ,come on my country men and women, get behind this man and the ukip party,and to coin another phrase ,he and his party ukip will save our bacon

  4. why does it seem all these speeches in the EU parliament appear on every other countries news, but the bloody BBC refuses to show any of it! Their broadcasting over the weekend when David Cameron Vetoed the new treaty was disgraceful. Not a mention that it was hugely popular. Fair enough some News agencies are bias, but the whole point of the BBC is to be objective

  5. fox news is one of the main offenders trying to stop ron paul from the presidency and fox news is guilty of gross hyprocacy

  6. well thats the americans for you, think they thought of every thing first and dont know much about other countrys and whats going on there, unless there at war with them. this is a fact usa papper year ago said the usa shouldent go the way of the uk NHS as people like stephen hawkins under a NHS like in uk wouldent of lived,, idiots they dident even check to see were he comes from, fox news and usa pappers amaze me,

  7. pps for those americans who read that papper, stephen hawkins is english he comes from kent. thats kent in england not kent as in kentucky :), i think thats were their stupid papper got there research wrong,

  8. I would rather it be akin to Libertarianism than the TP movement considering that the TP movement was Libertarian at the start before Republicans hijacked it…

  9. its not a pissing contest people! we are talking about our freedom! and our way of life, don't let trolls try and split us apart at this time in our history. People need to stand up together and fight these bastards, American, English and Europeans people need to stop bitching and unite before we are lost in the Islamic Oblivion.

  10. You can't compare the EU to America. We're not against socialism. Obama was democratically elected. We're against giving up our countrie's souvereignity to unelected eurocrats…

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  12. You know, i am really surprised why all other politicians all farage a clown, when as a matter of fact it is all other politicians are lying clowns

  13. I gotta admit I find it ironic that so many English are fighting for independence from the Euro state while the English forced Ireland and Scotland to join the Union Jack and tying their economies to the British Pound against their will.

  14. we never forced north ireland to join, and the scottish have a referendum in 2014 on independence! they could of had one whenever they wanted but they didn't want one until now! i don't see how the uk being formed hundreds of years ago has anything to do with us wanting independence, and it's not english that want it, it's the the uk that want independence

  15. We can absolutely compare the two. Obama may have been voted in, but he's systematically, whilst biding his time, committing a coup d'état.

  16. How the fuck??!. He's a democrat so obviously his decissions are "democratic" You might not agree with them, but that's your loss. It's how democracy works. Take your loss

  17. Whether you like him or not, Nigel Farage with his superior articulacy and debating capabilityoes, goes far beyond those EU executives who are sub-standard in every respect.

  18. i've seen the future full of grace and honour the nightmare was seeing from the outside it looked glorious but when u looked closer it didn't feel the way it should when the place began to to open it turned out to be evil  


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