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UK Elects Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will He Succeed?

The election of Jeremy Corbyn to be the head of UK’s labour party is paying off at the very least for the party itself. Their membership rolls have soared to historical highs. His success in terms of being able to implement changes is still to be determined. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (Think Tank), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“To put it very simply: Corbyn’s policy views are way out to the left of the Labour mainstream. Not all of his ideas are extreme, but enough of them are that the party chiefs fear they’re unelectable now that he’s going to lead the party.

The BBC has an excellent rundown of Corbyn’s actual policy platform. It includes, among other things, renationalizing Britain’s railroad system and energy companies, abolishing tuition for British universities, and imposing rent controls to deal with Britain’s affordable housing problem. He’s even open to reopening the coal mines that used to be a big part of Britain’s economy. It’s essentially a throwback to the unreconstructed socialism — the real thing, way beyond Bernie Sanders — of the old-school British Labour Party, which used to be way more into the idea of the government controlling huge sectors of the economy.”*

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UK Elects Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Will He Succeed?

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  1. Title is slightly misleading. He was elected by Labour party members, title makes it seem like he won a general election

  2. Rent controls on their own, do work.. many German cities operate a policy,notably, Berlin of rent control ( might add this applies to local authority housing stock) does not apply to private rent,which in German is rare compared to England &Wales (as opposed to the uk as a whole).And your memos seem a bit outdated, Labour policy is retention of NATO membership,but try to identify it`s modern role. And conference voted to renewal uk`s nuclear deterrent. Lastly, you American`s still see the Russian`s as the `boggyman`, many of us in the uk- Right and left- along with many EU nations see only one `boggy-man` country, constantly invading, overthrowing nations, supporting Saudi Arabia and illegal settlements on the West bank, pulling out of the Paris agreement,guess who that is?

  3. The wealthy and the media are against Corbyn!
    At 33 years old I'm a first time voter! Homeless sleeping in the snow is new to our city's in the UK. Corbyn all day!! ❤️

  4. Corbin will destroy our country financially and weaken are security by cutting HM forces by 40% to 50% and pulling us out of NATO.

  5. Free Universities? Your having a Turkish mate. Do you know how much open university costs. A lot more the similar online courses. When the government gets hold of things they become expensive.

  6. The title of this video is misleading. It made me think that Corbyn had just won the general election today until I looked at the date this video was published.

  7. Most rental housing in Britain is council housing and that is similar to low income housing in Canada and the scale is huge. There are more privately owned apartment buildings here by far than local authority housing.

  8. Rent control isn't in isolation. The context is a massive programme of new public-sector social housing construction, to end homelessness and bring down house prices, so it would be sustainable at least in the medium term, because rent inflation would come down anyway.

  9. Last Friday, the UK declared 23% of their energy was Solar powered. That is fantastic and it shows that coal is dead. FYO

  10. Shit! For a while I thought you could go through your program without mentioning the evil Russians. Well, you just can't help yourselves, you two dickheads, can ya?

  11. You are so wrong about rent control. I moved into my studio apt in San Francisco 25 years ago; the rent was $350 per mo. at the time. I'm now paying $715. Without rent control I'd be long gone; studio apartments in my building now rent for well over $2000.

  12. Sorry, Corbyn is not to the left of Bernie Sanders. Sanders has explicitly said, in the past, that he supports workplace democracy (i.e. actual, authentic, pure Socialism, not just Scandinavian Social Democracy). That's pretty damn far off to the left, Cenk. The reason Sanders doesn't elaborate upon the full depth of his Socialism is that it's too radical for America at the moment, and in any case he's having a hard enough time just fighting for moderate, centre left issues like universal health care. If Sanders lived in the UK, he'd be every bit as left as Corbyn, because he is.

  13. 8:16 The nuclear issue is probably different in UK than US. You have N. Korea with potential to fire nukes at California within the next couple of years. Your foreign policy might make you a target for nuclear nations. In the UK a nuclear attack feels entirely theoretical and Trident, our nuclear submarine costs billions to make and sustain when our actual national security when it comes to cyber attack and terrorist incidences is criminally underfunded. The National Health Service was crippled by a cyber attack because it was still running on Windows XP.

  14. average salary in London is £34K giving you post tax income of £2200 per month. Average one bed flat costs £1400 per month. Rents are manipulated up and they help to keep rigged house prices high. Historically house prices swing between 3 and 5x average salaries. In London today, prices are 15x salaries. Enough is enough! Rent controls, lower prices.

    And as for supply of houses, get out the stick. We should have punitive taxes on landbanking (buying land and not building on it to force up prices), and on keep second houses empty for most of the year. Get the stock of houses into use

  15. QE is zero percent int rates – in other words – negative real rates. A Lot of it will never be repaid. So, dammit, take it off them and give it to the people. People's QE should actually go to an equal debt write off for everyone in the country.

  16. Where are all you doubters now, huh!? Where are all you cunts who told me he would kill the Labour party!? Who said he wouldn't last in a general election!? Who said I was wrong and that Corbyn would lead the Labour party to a 1983 like defeat!? You're nowhere now! I've stood by Jeremy Corbyn since September 12th 2015 and I said from the get go that he was exactly what the party needed and look at that, I was right (as usual).

  17. US citizens aren't use to government run infrastructure entities. British and commonwealth citizens are, some like it others don't. The only big issue I have with it is that they are run effectively. The other thing I don't like is when a conservative government comes in and sells them off to their oligarchic mates for a song and then when they run them into the ground, the tax payer bails them out, again and again.

  18. The Tory/Conservative Party are secretly scared of Corbyn because he could easily win the next election over here in the UK and become Prime Minister, that's why they are always attacking him with smears and lies. Corbyn has been under tremendous pressure by them, UKIP and the neoliberals in his own Labour Party too. And our mostly right wing media/press hate him and spread lies too, but are fooling fewer people all the time. But despite all that, Corbyn just gets stronger and more popular, and a lot of us Brits love him. He represents the majority of Brits views and values FAR more than right wing political parties do.

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