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UK Column News – 22nd November 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column, including a discussion on Palestine with analyst Robert Inlakesh.

00:36 – Palestine: Israel continues illegal building & detentions
15:17 – US Navy F22s strike Afghanistan
17:11 – Drug deaths in UK & US rising faster than ever
20:09 – US Navy in continuing turmoil
21:05 – Brexit: Britain should steer clear of EU defence programmes
22:30 – EU ‘human rights’ – can be taken away by EU…
24:03 – British Constitution: unalienable rights cannot be taken away
25:45 – Social workers lie on oath, children illegally taken: exonerated
31:15 – “A local authority has power to do anything…”
32:45 – Call for support in Plymouth for false eviction
33:36 – European Central Bank opinion: bank bail-ins…?
35:26 – Eurozone: Greece – more strikes amid property seizures
38:35 – BBC: money is changing…?
39:37 – BBC: The Disruptors – policy change from within
42:01 – Westminster child abuse: the elephant in the room
42:50 – Charles Howeson abuse case: QC Janner attacks the witness

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  1. It is sheer spite and sadistic spite at that. I wonder why they are so cruel, the "israelis"? Suggestion: watch the Yotube video called "The Walls Come Tumblin' Down." It was made by John McCarthy the English journalist who was held hostage in Beirut for five years. It was posted by Julian Schoeman. It is very interesting. The ancient kingdom of Israel was not in any way Hebrew or Jewish or even Habiru – and they worshipped the Bull. They were never Jews at all.

  2. Robert states Israeli Courts are Kangaroo Courts, just like all the Courts around the World. I just think it's all too do with EVIL/GREEDY People, not race, Religion etc. It's a War against the good and evil. People who have more, as a rule, seem to want more and more, mainly. This is all soo complicated, I will have to research to say more. From what I can gather, America is a War Horse, thought Trump was different. Note to myself 'Don't be an eejit'

  3. As much as opium is demonized in media. It is very addictive, for sure. Heroin is a derivative. … duh! It was the Redhields along with other bankers, Sassoons spring to mind. Sassoons were Jewish Turkish bankers. Anyway they were a powerful force in British East India company, that exported the opium poppy into India. This eventually led into Afghanistan. As much that is made of Afghanistan's role in this poppy's production. Let's not forget that Burma or Myanmar, In the Golden Triangle is today's second largest area of production according to Wikipedia? … Hello Rohingya? People who are destitute, will grow and do anything that makes money. … right? Money, is also an addiction.

  4. Come on everyone. Let's ask for a vote from the People asking if we want to be a member of the EU Army, or should I say EU Union. Write to your mp's we want legislation.

  5. Mike, you are scare mongering. We have our own corrupt Courts and don't need the EU Corrupt Court. Move along please, nothing will change. What has the EU Court done for anyone 'Fuck All' that's what.

  6. Get rid of Social Workers and all these NSPPV, HCPC, all these organisations are crap, just leeches, jobs created for following nothing's and know nothing. We need Police, who want law and order. Police who are for the People, our employees who uphold the law against right and wrong, good and evil, fair and square. Not gonna happen, we are finished People. If no one stands up and gets off the fucking Sofa, you deserve what you get. Arise, peacefully. Violence is being like them.

  7. Sack the Lot, I mean all. Get proper Police in. We do not need these agencies. How about the neglect the UK Government are doing to our Children, Chem Trials, Vaccines. GMO's. All Corrupt get rid of all. Time for an uprising. Ideas on how to do this. I do t want bad news, I want to know what we can do, us the People.

  8. how can anyone support Israel – they are either ignorant or evil. And as ignorance is a choice, it has to be the latter

  9. Get any money out of your Banks. They done it in Greece, don't think they won't do it here. Did you hear the amounts they can hold back, People with 100,000 Euros, in a Bank. Not fucking Richard Branson, Nor fucking Beckham, just a middle class guy who has paid through his taxes, not having an accountant to pay for all benefits for People who have no jobs because the Government hasn't created any. The Middle class just means People who have worked in middle jobs and aren't poor, but no means rich. They pay their own bills, plus pay extortionate tax to help those who haven't got, which is all well and good. Meanwhile the High Earners have their money in Paradise Island. Actually, I don't know what to say for once, I don't want to say I give up. I won't.

  10. Trump and his people are at war with the CIA,that air strike on the opium production plant was a strike on the CIA. if people are not aware this how the CIA funds itself. Youtube Roy Potter,white knuckle day.

  11. By the way. Most Middle so called class earners, yea lucky they have a job when loads ain't, but, most in employment have been there years. No Pensions to come, private or state. Example worked since 15, draw Pension at 67. These People try to put by towards the terrible state Pension at 67. They want to rob this too. No way. Anyone got anything to add please.

  12. Mr Gerrish if you read this comment please pass my email to these persons who are at risk of having there child removed. we are a specialist family law services and experts in the Children Act 1989. we would like to provide information to empower parents who are facing legal proceedings. Thank you. Family Law Specialists Services [email protected]

  13. As an intermittent viewer, just by looking at the "photo", I do not know the main news. I have to watch the whole video first, to find out today's main topic. If I may, a polite suggestion, the "photo" needs to be more EXPLICIT, showing today's big topic.

  14. 39.13

    Brian: "You can buy things just by smiling at a machine. That sounds a really good idea"
    Mike: "Super"

    I just laughed for 20 seconds straight.

    Love you two – keep up the good work 🙂

  15. You need to read Genesis 12:7 before making any further comment on Israel's right to occupy that land. Palestine, 'The Land of the Philistines', well, they may live there but it is not theirs.

  16. The HCPC, like the NMC & Law Society, is corrupt & inept to the core. Registrants were referred to HCPC & NMC for targeting a NHS whistle-blower in Sheffield (under the corrupt COMMON PURPOSE watch of Andrew Cash… psychopathic scum, caught on recording, lol), & thus putting patients at risk… no case to answer at screening stage, despite proof of evidence tampering & gross professional misconduct by said registrants.

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