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UK activist Tommy Robinson speaks out after prison release

British far-right figure Tommy Robison speaks exclusively with #Tucker after being freed on bail.

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  1. Tommy is allowing himself to the be example to the rest of us on how we, our way of life, our freedoms are being attacked. It needs to stop now.

  2. Tommy Robinson is on the right side of history. You may be facing tons of shit right now, but we'll be looking back at you as a hero.

  3. People l don't blame people for feeling for this guy but do your research on this guy his sister became a muslim ..his dad has been done for paedophilia. .he works for rebel media which is a zionist. …he is working for the Israelis …don't believe me then research it don't be used by this zionist his a traitor to Britain. ….shady anderson on you tube can give you the proof…NOW HAVE YOU GOT THE GUTS TO BE HONEST TO YR BELIEFS OR ……..

  4. Why would any human being with some intelligence go from the US to visit the UK. Think about it, this is how they treat there own people. For speaking the truth.

  5. Crap the U.K. Is lost , why doesn't the queen, the ROYAL Family fOR THAT MATTER DO SOMETHING!!! They spend MILLIONS ON A STUPID WEDDING WHEN THIS MANS LIFE IS IN DANGER, please why is nobody doing something, to save this man! His family needs Asylum at this point!!!!

  6. The lesson we can learn from Tommy: – Do not eat halal. Vote for parties that will ban islam and make massive deportations.

  7. The level of raw hatred that I feel after watching this innocent man suffer for protecting his fellow citizens…. disgusting. This is so disgusting.

  8. Leaving people in solitary is literally considered a form of torture. I am ashamed to be a part of a commonwealth. Because he was reporting on grooming gangs? YOU GUYS ARE PROTECTING RAPISTS AND PEDOPHILES AND TORTURING THOSE TRYING TO PROTECT KIDS? Shame on anyone that has anything to do with what has happened to him.

  9. Hey Tommy, while I wouldn't have put you in prison for a day, there is some karma there in that spit and excrement isn't there? Instead of focusing on ugly things and blabbing about them (see the mainstream news media), try focusing on positive things and actually doing something to help them along. Your mouth is going to get people killed.

  10. Is there really a difference between the US and the UK here? Really? What if some random American started raising hell about Jewish Terrorism, particularly? What would all the talking heads on Fox News call him? What would happen to that? He'd get Mel Gibson'd so fast our heads would spin. If the retort is "Well yeah but we wouldn't put him in prison." I'm not so sure about that. The denizens from the bowels of the ADL, CUFI, AIPAC, PNAC, Heritage and all the rest of them would be excoriating him in public and veritably calling for his head. Anyone with such an acute focus towards criticizing Jews obviously hates Jews. But when good ol' Tommy boy here does it, his rights are being violated and we don't even have the thought in our heads that he's anti-Muslim. Why? Because it doesn't even matter. That's hypocrisy. I wish there were a better name for it.

  11. It was only in 1947 the british crown was removed from India and India and Pakistan was made! Why? O funny you wonder.. it's because the Muslims were slaughtering the Hindus and the country broke up…

    The same thing will happen to every country to make it weaker we will be broke into state's, we need to see this for what it is and invasion without guns .. a new war with money,

    I promise pedophilia will become legal in our life times and we will also see a civil war or the country broken up into state's ..peace!

  12. Dude. His face. You can tell he's been traumatized. What they did to this amazing man is horrible. "Innocent until proven guilty" this court case was legitimately guilty until proven innocent. Once he proved himself innocent he was let go.

  13. Hey Tommy, maybe you've found some fine charitable organizations in the UK doing good work for rape victims and you can take the heel toe express and go there and help them out? I'm sure they need help. You've got either time or money to help them with, if you actually care about rape victims. Or do you have to scrutinize the rapist first, before figuring out if you care or not?

  14. There's all this talk about how "traumatised" he's been as if he has trouble organising his thoughts or something, but I have yet to see him get an interview without being repeatedly talked over or cut off. Who teaches journalists to do this? It drives me nuts! I really need to find some long, uninterrupted statement by him and him alone, wherein I'm sure he'd paint a perfect coherent picture of his treatment these past months and its full meaning.

  15. Tommy was Jailed before for a FRAUD. He is a Fraudster and a hate preacher. This boy is dangerous with little knowledge.

  16. Tommy ‘the lion’ Robinson you’re a freaking legend! you’ve got bigger nuts than my prized stud bull!(chewing grass outside my house in NZ )Watch your back mate.youve got a beautiful family.Those far left dudes are freaking dangerous,we don’t have the problems that you’ve got up there in your old home town,but we’ve got it slowly happening in our suburbs.time will tell?


  18. Meanwhile British Paedo's carry on regardless, he isn't outside Court for anyone who isn't in his target group, he is a divisive character.

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