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U.S.-North Korea Summit In Singapore | NBC News

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are set to meet face to face in Singapore to discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

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  1. 16:01 Trump loks like a dad introducing his kids who get suspended from school al the time to an old friend, referring to the media. And kims like…..hmmm disgustig. Trump then says go to ur rooms loosers.

  2. A least he was able to do something no other president could do, but he did it. We want peace in the world not war. Let’s love each other and not hate.

  3. The fact that it went so quickly seems both sides top priority was a photo op, yet it was the US who made actual concessions, including outrageous praise for this psycho as well as calling the US/SK ops "provocative" – as IF. Why no Japanese prisoners?

  4. We love you love you love you President Trump. Finally after almost 30 years we have a real leader!!!! We hear the music and are with you!!!!

  5. I know this is mean but that dress the large women is wearing has got to be the worst fashion mistake I have ever seen. Jesus she need to burn that thing. I could go on but I won't.

  6. All that happened was two leaders met…BIG DEAL!! I want to see the United States go to war with North Korea and remove him forcefully. This is all just another way North Korea is buying time to rebuild their weapons program. DON'T LET THE MEDIA AND THE PRESIDENT FOOL YOU. This is another wag the tail scenerio to move the spotlight away from the Russian collusion.

  7. Listen up everyone.
    Stop watching the “news”!
    Both parties put out their propaganda,
    Both parties do it well.
    Take 6 months off.
    Open your mind and think for your self.
    The more they seem different, the more you see , their the same.
    Power is intoxicating, so is 💲

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