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U S Media Tribute to Highway of Heroes

I initially uploaded this to YouTube Nov 11, 2008 under my sudo account. I’ve decided to close out the sudo account, so I’m re-uploading it to my own account.

U.S. news rarely pays attention to news from Canada, but a touching tribute by Canadians to it’s fallen war heroes has caught the attention of the U.S. media.

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  1. I hate traveling the 401, AKA Highway 401, AKA Highway of Heros, because it makes me sad to think that many soldiers have returned on the 401 in caskets, while I hate it, I would like to see one someday to send off a fellow Canadian, I wish we didn't have to fight this war on Terrorism

  2. public opinion was very important to the numbnuts called george w bush and he did not want any footage of the fallen US soldiers on national television

  3. If I could I'd stand on one of those bridges… unfortunately it would be one solitary Stars and Stripes in the sea of Maple Leafs…. They died in defence of MY country. This Yank will always be grateful.

  4. Tears just tears, RIP guys, thank you for your sacrifice, God bless Canada & death to all who defy her and attempt to hurt her citizens & allies. Tears.

  5. i live in ontario i am so proud to have the highway of heros everytime somebody that supportes my country i go and watch that just shows that i support them

  6. Too bad they left out the initial 'ramp' ceremony in Kandahar for the fallen soldier. Incredibly moving. Standing ramrod straight on the tarmac as a civilian behind our military men and women listening to the bag pipes, watching his mates load him(them) onto a C130 for the ride home…never felt so Cdn as I did on that far away tarmac.

  7. I live really close to one of the bridges, and since I've been young my parents would take me down every time someone came home.

  8. That was nice and very heartwarming that the American news gave recognition to our fallen soldiers. Thank you.

  9. 19 heartless souls didn't take time to understand this amazing nation that has kicked ass along side our allies, this country is one to last forever with no enemies or regrets

  10. To Col. Nathan and all Canadians who were taken down the Highway to their final rest, all love and blessings from me and all Americans!

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