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U.K. needs UNITED STATES in TRADE WARS! Breaking News

For decades British leaders have relied on meetings with American presidents to show off their influence over a global superpower and illustrate the durability of the “special relationship” they prize so much.

But for Prime Minister Theresa May, who has endured months of political turbulence, including the recent resignation of Boris Johnson, her foreign secretary, President Trump’s impending trip to Britain looks like it could be an ordeal more than anything else.

Even before his arrival, Mr. Trump stirred the pot, suggesting that he would like to catch up with his “friend” Mr. Johnson while in Britain, a country that the president described as “in somewhat turmoil.”

When asked whether Mrs. May should stay in her job, Mr. Trump adopted the pose of a disinterested observer, pronouncing this a question for “the people.” He then suggested that speaking with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, which he is scheduled to do next week, might be easier than conversing with Mrs. May, who will host a dinner and a lunch with the president during his stay.

Yet the prime minister has little choice but to swallow her pride and get on with it, as she herself likes to say, because she wants Mr. Trump’s help for a trade deal with the United States after Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, known as Brexit. And, anyway, compared with wrestling with her government, which this week suffered three ministerial resignations, spending a couple of awkward days with Mr. Trump might actually be a relief.

UK needs UNITED STATES in TRADE WARS! Breaking News

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  1. Croatia showed England there is a new Hero in town!! President Trump is a hero for Patriots… President Trump (like Teddy Roosevelt) walks softly but carries a BIG STICK! UK needs to be wise.

  2. wisdom is no good in trump's world because this man has no common sense. You need a backbone like asians to stand up against him then he will crawl away. That's how bullies behave.

  3. "Trade war" is a media name to sell their fear porn. Trump is not the limp noodle Obama, Bush and Clinton were. There is a new Sherriff in town. The EU and China charge Tariffs and will now pay Tariffs. Trump is telling those companies who are selling out to China to get out of Dodge. India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan and all countries are salivating at getting all of this manufacturing. The USA was not the only country China was shafting. Get ready Indonesia 😀

  4. Typical WHINGING POM`S, a group that cannot get there own house in order and don`t like anyone who can. BOO HOO they prostitue them selves to the EU, MUSLIMS and any other MINORITY they can, PATHETIC!!!

  5. May thinks more about a blow up doll of Trump is better spent money than doing something about Muslim terror..rapes..violence..poor NATO alliances by wanting us as the money bank…oh but the tariffs!

  6. Who really wants to buy Made in China? We all know that it will last half as long as a quality product, only work half as well and be worthless come time to resell. Tariffs will help those who have already forgotten what their forefathers new and that is.."buy a quality brand son".

  7. Trump is a disaster not only for the US but for the whole world. It's a damn shame this chronic liar is the President of the US.The sooner this crook is put behind the bars, the better the whole world will be.

  8. if the mayor of london lets that balloon of trump fly america should make a balloon of the london mayor fucking a goat and fly it on romadon.

  9. Classless London Mayor and those who allowed the balloon mocking President Trump will pay the price of fewer visitors with money to spend in he UK.

  10. Hey China….Buy Canadian – we have lots of good quality stuff and will give China a great deal. Stop depending on US materials and diversify.

  11. Congratulations uk to stop trump in this country to visit and insult people…nobody needs him in Europe! Theresa M is now in a corner!

  12. You have properties which you have been paying with dirty money…you are a crook and happy always to open your mouth to say how rich you are…you have ONLY DEBTS….


  14. may is upset like merkel,,trump is not macron,,macron loves bedding slut grannies to get them to sell out to him for nothing,,may gave macron 44.5 billion,wonder how much merkel and soros also gave macron,,

  15. Make America Great Again !!!
    Make China Prostrate Again !!!
    Make Europe Remunerate Again !!!
    Make Russia Disintegrate Again !!!

  16. Donald Trump is a pious leader Tereasa May is a pious leader allso we shall have a fair brexit because uk and eu are vituious and fair and still good friends. One last thing. i love Donald Trump in the UK

  17. Just can't believe people have time for this demo, a so called 400k yet how many are going on the 14th after being F in the arse with Brexit that is far more important to this country

  18. Trump should say NO DEAL until Brexit means OUT,he stands up for his people,let's hope he stands up for us.

  19. British are a bunch of whining wimps with no moral logic. Trump should just walked away from Britain. The British can get Fucked, go suck on to your Muslims Britain.

  20. Boycott all news of the royal princesses & princes.bthey have all said they hate our Pres. Screw THESE incestuous Vermin.

  21. That why she made sure USA didn't make no agreement on trade. Mays that is.UK could be planning drop them illegal on out door step there up to something…

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