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Twin Northern California Fires Threaten 12,000 Homes | TIME

In Northern California, twin fires straddling Mendocino and Lake counties have destroyed at least seven homes and threatened an estimated 12,000 more, US fire officials said.
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Twin Northern California Fires Threaten 12,000 Homes | TIME

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  1. MIKE BARAN resorting to verbal abuse publically; against the law also. Usually the slandered "has hit the nail in the head". We will be watching.

  2. Because California is a shit hole and lets illegals live and vote in it the Feds said NO MORE MONEY..So as a shitstain on America California sets fires and BEGS for Feds help.Sick twisted progressive shit heads…

  3. Lies I live a mile away and no planes of any air craft flies and trust me I've lived here my entire life and they send 1 up a day for world news pics and on local news (KRCR NEWS CHANNEL 7) says local we can't fight the fire because 30 different reasons.. there is almost 0 wind .. No tree has been blown over… They are lying and biting my town to the ground.. fire guys are not doing anything at all just pulled over chillin on clear creek.. They brought them in to tell EVERYONE 3,500 are here fighting 24/7. The only thing they are fighting is us Americans buy torching our houses and neighborhoods.. the standard unknowing fire fighters to me they never even seen anything like this before.. it's an attack on America!!!

  4. Some say.The Aliens Are Demons.
    They will come And invaded Earth & destroy EARTH..
    Some blames the NEPHILIMS it's the cause of HUMANS DESTRUCRIONS & Chaos.
    Some say God's Judgements come down and Destroy everything..That's all Wrong..
    Humans are the Destroyer of everythings..We can't blame our self because Humans are Innocents nightmares.

  5. So worried about the firemen, the residents and the animals…please heed warnings, and be careful everyone! One day we will not see all these natural disasters or other man-made atrocities on our beautiful planet. Prayers for all…
    Revelation 21:3,4 "no more pain or death"

  6. There is something very VERY fishy about these fires and what the mainstream news is telling us about them… I mean come on… There are homes burned to ash with numerous trees and bushes next to them… Over and over again we see this and similar unnatural remains yet the news anchors tell us not to believe what is right in front of our eyes…

  7. How is it,there's a large quake that happened off the coast,then swarms of tremors and small EQs break out that mimic the locations of each fire, one could put the swarms of eathquake activity map on top of the fire map and they match up, seems earthquakes can cause shifting in underground magma,gasses from magma can ignite fires. For one fire to match up would be coincidental but not all of them,that would stretch beyond coincidental.with earthquake and volcanic activity picking up I wouldn't be surprised if more fires break out.

  8. California needs to use more water instead of less water to stop the next wildfire. Residents should be made to have to get sprinklers and run them overnight throughout the entire state. They need desalination plant's so they can access water cheaper. Humans need to step up their game and act now, so we can stop the next wildfire. We need better precautionary efforts.

  9. This has to be fake news! Lol it has to be a green screen and paid actors. Open your eyes america donald "faatfuck" Dump is the future.


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    Excalibur Prototype Extends Reach of High-Energy Lasers
    Demonstration expands capability of high power optical phased arrays driven by fiber laser amplifiers
    [email protected]DARPA.MIL …..
    High-energy lasers (HEL) have the potential to benefit a variety of military missions, particularly as weapons or as high-bandwidth communications devices. However, the massive size, weight and power requirements (SWaP) of legacy laser systems limit their use on many military platforms. Even if SWaP limitations can be overcome, turbulence manifested as density fluctuations in the atmosphere increase laser beam size at the target, further limiting laser target irradiance and effectiveness over long distances.

    Recently, DARPA’s Excalibur program successfully developed and employed a 21-element optical phased array (OPA) with each array element driven by fiber laser amplifiers. This low power array was used to precisely hit a target 7 kilometers—more than 4 miles away. The OPA used in these experiments consisted of three identical clusters of seven tightly packed fiber lasers, with each cluster only 10 centimeters across. cop on will you and wake up. what forest fire Lazers through a house ..wake up!

  12. I'm Bored
    You are a stupid jack ass Wildfires are very serious and super dangerous People lose their lives and Property And causes hundreds of millions of dollars in damage …….California Has been under a drought for the last 10 to 15 years There are dead trees or dying trees all over the forest of California It is fuel for fire All it takes is a good thunderstorm to start a fire…..

  13. America burns the Middle East and burns itself "I mean burning countries and burning themselves what is going on
    It is an attack by senior US capitalists on America to build houses instead of forests and trees

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