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Tucker: Progressives hate Trump so much, they dislike the US

Tucker: Liberals have gone insane. While you were grilling in the backyard last night, they were plotting a coup. Progressives despise Trump so much, they’ve begun to dislike the country that elected him. Hate has clouded their vision and distorted their values. #Tucker

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  1. Bullshit get that shit right They don't dislike the US they dislike the asshole thats suppose to be running the US It looks like he's trying to run it in the ground every body didn't vote for that moron so don't blame the whole country Just him and his mindless flock of 🐑

  2. Does any real man or woman actually believe the completely fake left / right stage presentations of these completely phony money worshiping pirates of empire anymore? I fell very sorry for anyone who still buys into the BS the devils in politics and media are selling. They are all liars and actors- believe to your own peril and the peril of your progeny sottish children.

  3. Bullshit. Republicans spewed hate on Obama for 8 years, and I don't remember anyone saying that they hated the U.S. You morons tried this same shit with Bush – anyone who hates Bush hates America. What infantile thinking.

  4. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other corporate monopolist fake Left / Right political infotainment shows must hire people to post comments on their YT channels- they have to be text brokering this absurdity. This is just laughable. All these shows (left / Right- matters NOT) remind me of the white ex slave holders and KKK members back in the south in the 1950's and 60s…. Look up the videos on the ex slave states in the 1960s here on YT if you don't believe me. It's twisted how these chaos spreading control freaks of empire want to keep race hating alive.
    Only corporate mafias and gangsters of empire make race an issue today- and only because it's been so profitable for them. real people of America don't hate based on the color of a person's skin anymore- and haven't for quite some time.
    If you want to hate someone, maybe you should hate the liars who write these scripts and air them on channels owned by billionaire corporate monopolists- the rich people running the corporations that make their money off the confusion and feelings of inadequacy and fear they instill in the people stupid enough to watch their programs.

  5. The left in the UK is equally delusional. Recently news reporters and people on social media over there want England to lose in the World Cup because if the UK wins it would promote patriotism and rallying around the flag. How horrible!!

  6. He's dead right. The Marxist party (formerly the Democrat Party) intends to start a civil war as a last resort to seize the power they are losing that they have held for almost 100 years. END IT.

  7. You haven’t even begun to see how far we’ll go. Keep up with your fascist propaganda and we will shut you down as well.

  8. No tucker any sane person dislikes trump he is NOT QUALIFIED for this office he cheappins it & this country everyday he's going to the U.K. & they have s baby trump BLIP .MY GOD think of it

  9. "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  10. Leftists treachery against their own nation precedes the Trump administration by decades. Many in the Baby Boomer generation of the sixties are subversives. Worse they've used the freedom the Consititution offers to undermine it. The lawless of open borders is one example.

  11. Put a pacifier in trump-duck-dickheads mouth and he would make more sense. Then shave his head and put a diaper on his ass and he'd look like Baby Huey.

  12. I have purchased ammo, bottled water, medical supplies, MREs, and put in three hours a week on Range time. If you ppl want to keep taking the high rode with these regressive, violent leftists, good luck, it's here folks, and it's about to go hot.

  13. they have always hated the u.s. they have been vandalizing and removing statues and portraits of founding fathers from unis for years

  14. People don't hate trump. They just hate his low standards, his Mob Boss loyalty soliciting, his inner circle full of foreign double agents, his conspiring with Fox News, his constant disruption of the Russian investigation, his lack of transparency, his fast acting without thinking things thru destructive personality, his shameless audacious lying, his exacting vengeance on those who dare call him out……so on, and so on till infinity.

  15. No oh no you don't….this has nothing to do with the country….this is about you and your ilk tucker. This has nothing to do with party or ideology either…it is about you being a cretin of dubious morals, fraudulent faith, and sordid character. Don't hide behind the country. If you wanna to do hate then step out and say I hate: fill in the blanket. History has shown your kind always loses in the end….this time will be no different. America will finish what Gen. Tecumseh Sherman started. Only this time….we're not let you get back up.

  16. “Tucker the cousin fucker” got the worlds most punchable face. Too much incest has led this man to full on mental retardation.

  17. Not taking sides. My fear is that this LEFTY vs RIGHTY problem IS going to lead to Mob Violence, Escalating Confrontations and BLOODSHED. This could result in Partial or Full Marshal Law being imposed. Is this the Beginning of the Absolute End of the USA?? Is this the Disintegration of the Empire/World Power? If so,—Fear what will Replace it!!

  18. FOX news please help Trump Russian please help Trump♥️ we need Russian here in America 🇺🇸 we need support

  19. Progressives have always hated the United States. They would rather we model ourselves after collectivist Europe.

  20. How is it possible that people with no morals that hate the second amendment are getting away with bullying people that have morals and support the second amendment and the well being of this country.

  21. Who would have thunk it, just a few years ago, Republicans couldn't stand the Russians, but just this week, they all of a sudden love Putin and Kim, y, bcuz Putin helped him get elected, along with Comey, u heard right, the Republicans were over in Russia this week, kissing the feet of the dictators and thugs, who they despised just a few years ago? Americans better wake up, the Republicans r turning our country into a dictatorship, autocratic and authoritarian place of evil, wake up now!

  22. Trump and his GOP cronies continued today to dismantle the ACA, while giving their rich friends, $750 billion dollars in stock buy backs, in one quarter, this year, u heard right, the right wing media has been exposed, lying to u for decades, saying they were the party of jobs and families, constitution and law, now, nothing could be further from the truth, the lies continue, their controlling u by suppressing ur votes, suppressing ur wages, attacking worker's right's, women's right's, etc…wake up America!

  23. Wages r stagnate, GDP is down, inflation is soaring, gas is rising, Trump's tariffs have increased the cost of everything, the GOP's policies r failing once again, unemployment rose last month, experts say another recession is coming, due to Republican's tax scam for the wealthy, stealing ur Social Security check, every week that u paid into, that u earned, and depositing it directly into the bank accounts, of their wealthy friends, wake up America, ur being screwed by the GOP!!!

  24. Trickle down Reaganomics of the 1980's is a complete and utter disaster for American families, Republican's devastating and catastrophic policies are destroying American families, Republican's motto, "YOUR ON UR OWN, WHILE WE ENRICH OURSELVES AND OUR WEALTHY FRIENDS"…they've been doing this for more then 5 decades, they've ignored raising ur minimum wage for more then 13 years, while Obama raised it, the GOP has been in control of Congress, 19-21 years, suppressing ur $$$ !!!

  25. More then 2/3 of American's, want Democrats to control the WH, the Congress and the Senate, their tired of the lies, 86 dozen lies by Trump at his last three rally's, all this clown does is go to rally's, tweet, lie, play golf, but he campaigned on not having anytime for that, he lied to everyone to get elected, face it, those r the facts, when u lie down with dogs, u get fleas!!! He hasn't given a press conference in more then a year, he's afraid of questions he can't answer, he's too ignorant, incoherent and inane!

  26. Tucker with another Wack Job Conspiracy Theory: A coups d'état. The right is desperate and always plays the victim card.

  27. The left colapse is great to watch……
    Internet is neutralize leftist propaganda and they are going mad….
    Internet is the next major target of the left……..

  28. fish rot from the head down, your whole countries losing all civility bc you have a president that doesn't have any.

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